Posted by Marbenz Antonio on May 12, 2022

Verint Acquires Conversocial; Aims to Accelerate Digital-First Customer Engagement

Customer service has evolved into much more than just addressing complaints and resolving difficulties throughout a customer’s end-to-end experience. From the initial inquiry to product purchase, usage, and support, service is now a vital aspect of the whole customer experience (CX).

Consumers’ expectations of the brands they select are changing as well. According to a Five9 poll, 83% of decision-makers felt that the customer service experience is critical for client retention, and nearly all (99%) stated that customer service is crucial and necessary for their organizations.

We’ll look at how you stay up with evolving consumer expectations by providing really distinctive customer service experiences in this blog on digital-first service.

A successful digital-first service strategy requires unique service experiences

Given the growing importance and extent of service, a customer’s connection with the service department will most certainly be the most common—and important—brand engagement. As a result, providing unique and personalized digital-first service experiences to customers is becoming a necessity—one that is closer than you would think.

Customer care that is one-of-a-kind does not mean providing concierge-level assistance to every customer or finding fresh solutions to every problem. It all boils down to using data to have a deeper understanding of your clients.

Every business has access to a variety of information gleaned from sales, service, marketing, supply chain, and other departments. Break down your data silos and use the information to better understand your consumers’ requirements, interests, historical trouble areas, conversational styles, and special characteristics. Then, to assist you to allow unique experiences, build and organize service procedures that will eventually result in happy and loyal customers.

Tracking online surfing data, for example, may be used to improve a potential customer’s learning and inquiry experience by leading them back to their chosen homepage when they return days later. When a consumer logs in to your site after delivery, track the status of their order and instantly question if the shipment came as expected. Alternatively, segment consumers to provide personalized service experiences depending on the current context, such as an impending winter storm or their latest payment plan setup.

Three ways you can facilitate unique service experiences with Oracle Service

Oracle Service helps your company to provide exceptional customer service. Oracle Service can help you with capabilities like Agent Insights, Digital Assistant, and a direct Oracle Unity integration.

1. Empower your employees with a single, dynamic view of the customer

Our modern agent portal provides real-time client intelligence to agents, allowing them to provide tailored support. They may use AI to identify the best next steps and create a personalized experience for each consumer.

2. Deliver persistent customer intent

Use historical data to forecast what a client will try to do during their next engagement with your business, and then spread that knowledge across all channels (digital self-service or supported assistance) to make the process as simple as possible. Set all service channels to bypass the regular service flow and instead enquire about their interest in a late check-out if your hotel visitor is due to leave today.

3. Personalize interactions with modern assisted-service channels

Give customers access to digital channels they anticipate, such as live chat, social messaging, and SMS. Offer high-touch visual interaction alternatives like video chat and screen co-browsing for even more customized service.

Organizations may stay competitive and satisfy contemporary consumer expectations with digital-first service experiences by providing unique customer service. Check out the previous posts in our blog series to discover more about Oracle’s current vision for delivering holistic brand experiences with service, and stay tuned for the next topic on increasing your CX with hyper-convenient service.


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