What is the importance of ITIL Certification today and in the future?

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on June 13, 2023

What is ITIL and its Levels of Certification?

Similar to a car, maintaining your career, like obtaining ITIL Certification is essential. Investing in upskilling and networking ensures your skills and employability remain relevant.

ITIL Certification becomes even more crucial in the context of technology job losses. According to Reuters, tech companies have already laid off over 150,000 workers in 2022, and further layoffs are anticipated as the growth of the world’s significant economies slows down.

Although some individuals choose not to prepare for such situations, opting to wait and hope they won’t be affected, it is wiser to take proactive measures. ITIL believes practicing “career hygiene” is important, comparable to having a packed parachute as a precautionary measure since job loss can happen unexpectedly to anyone at any given time.

Auditing your skills and market value: The Importance of ITIL Certification

It is important to establish a routine of regularly evaluating your skills and conducting research on the job market. Determine which positions require your specific skills and qualifications and gather information on their respective salaries. Assess whether the value of your skills has increased or decreased over time.

For instance, if you search on LinkedIn and only come across three job postings that match your skills and qualifications, it should raise a red flag. Conversely, if there are thousands of vacancies, you should investigate the level of certification they require and the salary ranges offered.

Ensuring that your skills, certifications, and resume are up to date is essential even before the need arises to apply for a new role. Failing to do so will leave you in a state of panic when the time comes.

Assessing the value of certifications: The Importance of ITIL Certification

The options for certifications in the fields of IT, service management, project management, and program management are abundant. By referring to the annual top 10 certification lists, you can gain insight into which certifications are highly sought-after.

However, one skill set that remains consistently important is the governance of IT processes and personnel. Having a framework in place allows for a comprehensive understanding of IT and ensures its alignment with an organization’s overall strategy.

The ability to bridge the gap between business and IT requirements increases the likelihood of alignment across the entire organization.

In this context, the evolution of ITIL over the past three decades, culminating in ITIL 4 Foundation, Managing Professional, and Strategic Leader designations, places a greater emphasis on the business aspect. ITIL assists organizations in navigating digital transformation and preparing for upcoming advancements.

The objective is to streamline and optimize business operations while also being prepared for future technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence (AI).

ITIL 4 – A Foundation for future success

The principle of continual improvement lies at the core of ITIL, and this principle can be equally applied to an individual’s mindset toward upskilling.

They have already attained the level of ITIL v3 Expert, which meant pursuing further studies and obtaining the ITIL 4 certification.

Despite having other options to delve into deep technical knowledge, ITIL remains the foundation of my professional identity and the domain they find immense satisfaction in. As program managers at a prominent technology company, they consistently incorporate ITIL approaches into their work. These ideas are consistently well-received by individuals engaged in improvement programs.

Moreover, in one-on-one mentoring sessions, they often recommend exploring ITIL as a means of fostering career growth and becoming a well-rounded professional.

In your career journey, if you adopt a mindset of “I’m done learning,” you will inevitably lose out to professionals who have chosen to embrace continuous learning and development.

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