The Top 8 Reasons Why Having an Oracle Java Certification Is Helpful

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on January 28, 2022

Top 8 reasons on benefits of having Oracle Java certification

Getting Java certified and recognized is beneficial to your knowledge, career, and confidence in any circumstance, but it is especially important for newcomers and junior Java designers who are just starting in their careers. They are the individual who, in addition to their standard software engineering qualification, need a bonus to entice the next management and get an advantage over other up-and-comers.

There are various reasons why Java certifications such as SCJP, also known as OCPJP, are beneficial to Java software developers, and everyone has their reasons for obtaining them.

Recognize that everyone has their reasons for seeking Oracle certification, but the top three reasons are greater pay, more job opportunities, and recognition. uCertify has a study guide for Java SE 11 Certification that will help you understand the topics from the most basic to the most advanced level.

1. Hiring Preference

Java certification is highly valued by some administrative agencies and consulting firms that work on government initiatives. Although just a small percentage of odd jobs specify that Java certification is a must, there are a few that prefer a certified Java designer over a non-certified one. A fresher’s chances of being called from these firms are increased bypassing Java affirmations like OCA or OCPJP7 with high marks.

2. Confidence Boost

Your confidence will skyrocket if you have Java certifications. Even if you don’t have many real-world Java programming skills, you’ll feel like you know a lot more about it, which will show up in your meeting, where it’s most important. On central Java questions, we’ve observed a proven Java software engineer do much better than regular Java developers. Moreover, they are excellent for resolving those difficult questions that are based on reality and for which you don’t have any information. This added assurance aids in the organization and request of superior offerings as well as the clarity of discussions. Organizations are also more aware of your abilities and bring more motives to the table for you.

3. Value to Resume

On the resume, a Java certification looks great. Go for Java certification, especially if you don’t have any outstanding academic achievements or something extracurricular that stands out. This will fill in the gaps on your CV. It’s also used as a sifting tool on rare occasions. With 100 applications from freshers and junior Java developers, a hiring manager’s ability to conduct meetings has been severely limited. He’ll most likely contact the first ten of those who have a strong academic record or a résumé that includes Java certifications.

4. Better Salary

However, it has been noted that Java confirmed professionals typically earn more money and get more benefits than Java engineers who aren’t affirmed but have equivalent skills. One reason for this might be because companies value people who are Java Certified more than those who aren’t. This is true, however, a few companies have made it clear that they would only hire Oracle Certified Professionals. Another reason for the higher number of certified Java specialists may be attributed to the confidence and organization strength they gained by excelling in Java certification. When you know you’ll get a 90+ score, you’ll have more confidence in yourself, which will show through in your meetings and arrangements.

5. Java is Free

To create a Java program, you don’t have to pay anything. Java became well-known among individual designers as well as large organizations as a result of this free service.

6. Reimbursement from Employer

Numerous fantastic organizations and new businesses encourage their employees to focus on their specialized and delicate skills. Many organizations pay for your affirmation cost, which sometimes includes the cost of OCPJP and the cost of buying a few courses or books because it is a shared advantage for both the organization and the candidate if he elevates himself. If your boss has made such a profit, you should take advantage of it. This added motivation has prompted several Java programmers to pursue Oracle certification. In any case, for them to pay for your Java certification, you must generally work for a similar corporation for at least a half year. If you quit the company, the money you’ve been paid will very certainly be deducted from your salary. Take note of this. To get the most benefit, it’s best to apply for a Java certificate as soon as possible.

7. Java has Rich API

Frameworks, I/O, XML parsing, utilities, database association, and practically everything are supported by Java’s API. Because Java has its own Application Programming Interface (API), it has a lot of power.

8. Rec0gnition in Team

Another reason to acquire Java certification is to increase your standing in the organization. Having passed the SCJP in the past and the OCPJP these days with a good score has a positive impact on your standing in the group. People have a higher level of regard for your Java knowledge and talents than they did previously. This is important since it not only helps you make new friends but also expands your network of system administrators. If you take part in Java gatherings, you’ll have a better standing in your circle if you’re Java certified.


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