The Benefits of Flexibility: Working Remotely as a Web Developer

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on March 14, 2023

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As both work-from-home and permanent remote work become more prevalent, it is projected that by 2028, fully-remote workers will make up 78% of all teams. This trend presents a great opportunity for individuals interested in training as web developers or seeking alternatives to traditional office work, as the demand for remote developers is high and the job market is thriving. Currently, 16% of companies worldwide have employees who work entirely remotely, and remote work has seen a 159% increase over the past twelve years, indicating that it is no longer a niche practice, but rather a new norm.

Remote Ok, one of the leading job boards for remote work, has reported that remote developer positions are highly profitable and offer excellent compensation. In fact, the title of ‘Developer’ was found to be the highest-paying position on their website. Additionally, web developers are among the top 43% of professionals who report high levels of job satisfaction, suggesting that a remote developer position may further increase career fulfillment.

Below are some compelling reasons and key benefits to keep in mind when searching for remote job opportunities as a web developer:

Go where you want! Work as a digital nomad

A career in web development provides a special opportunity to pursue positions that are completely remote, offering more access and flexibility to relocate or even travel to different countries and immerse oneself in new cultures. This can lead to an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle, allowing for a balance between work and the ability to explore different places.

In general, IT professionals make up 51% of digital nomads, which refers to remote workers who do not have a fixed location, and 26% of them have not obtained a university degree. These professionals choose to work and travel for several reasons, including the lower cost of living, the freedom to enjoy their preferred lifestyle, and the flexibility to work remotely.

Burnt out in the office? Experience less stress remotely

A significant reminder of the benefits of finding a permanently remote job is the fact that 82% of remote workers report feeling much less stressed compared to their office-based counterparts. This underscores the considerable advantages of leaving the traditional office setup behind.

Web developer, Rachelle Wise states it best: “I cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to work for yourself, or even just to work remotely. As more and more tech companies move towards hiring subcontractors or going remote, it gets easier for more developers to jump on this train. Set your own schedule, have less stress, travel more, work anywhere with Wi-Fi, work from home in your pajamas, spend more time with your family – it is life-changing, and the best decision I have ever made.”

You’ll find yourself being more productive than ever 

For web developers, working away from the traditional office setup can foster greater creativity, concentration, and engagement, as they have the freedom to work in an environment of their choosing. This allows them to focus on tasks such as writing code, designing new applications and working on additional projects from the comfort of their own home, a coffee shop, or even a beach, which can enhance their sense of peace and satisfaction.

According to Ziad Saab, a developer, working remotely can improve concentration by allowing him to work in an environment and at a time when he is most focused. For web developers who value independence and the freedom to choose their workspace, remote work offers significant benefits. In fact, studies indicate that 77% of remote employees experience increased productivity when working in their preferred environment.

You’ll have no problem finding opportunities and be in demand! 

The high demand for web developers worldwide and in the UK, coupled with the current shortage of digital skills, means that it is relatively easy to find remote opportunities that match the interests of developers.

In the UK, digital skills are a requirement for 82% of job candidates in order to meet the job specifications. Moreover, web development is a significant aspect of tech-based job vacancies, accounting for around 21% of such openings.

Andrew Carlson, Digital Talent Recruiter at Planet4iT gives his take on the global need for web developers: “Developers are still probably the most sought-after group of people. Whether it’s the digital transformation or the online revolution — whatever you want to call it — it’s forced a lot of companies with traditional business models to create a platform that allows their business model to thrive online. Without Web Developers, you can’t do that.”

Increased opportunities to set your own schedule 

As a remote worker, you can often establish your own working hours that cater to your needs. This level of flexibility is a significant attraction, allowing you to choose the time that suits you best, whether you are a night owl or an early riser, and avoid adhering to a strict 9-5 schedule if it doesn’t suit you. You can establish your own structure and schedule and stay on track as a remote employee.

It’s essential to consider the time zone of your business, though. If you’re starting out in your career or planning to work as a remote freelancer, you may receive calls and emails from clients at odd hours. This is particularly true if you choose to work for a company with a significant time zone difference. However, this inconvenience is outweighed by the benefits of being able to set your own working hours.