The Basics of Benefits Management

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on April 7, 2022

The Basics of Benefits Management White Paper

As Steve Jenner (one of the world’s leading Project Portfolio and Benefits Realization Management subject matter experts, called the “Rottweiler” of benefits management by friends and colleagues) puts it:

“Benefits are more than simply one aspect of the ‘portfolio, program, and project management; they represent the basis for taxpayers’ and shareholders’ money being invested in change projects.”

Many companies continue to struggle to demonstrate that the forecasted advantages used to justify investment are achieved in practice throughout the world and across all industries. In her Ph.D. thesis on software project failure, Dr. Cecily Macdougall CPA (Founder and CEO of Building4Business) discovered that $5.4 billion is lost each year in Australia alone on initiatives that do not result in benefits realization.

This is primarily due to a misunderstanding of what constitutes good benefits management, which includes techniques like identification, quantification, analysis, planning, tracking, realization, and optimization.

This white paper is intended to complement Steve Jenner’s excellent book, Managing Benefits, which provides managers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines working in a variety of industries and organizations with generally applicable guidance on benefits management principles, practices, and techniques. It also serves as the foundation for our Benefits Management training and certification program.


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