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Posted by CourseMonster on July 15, 2020

Effective project management procedures and technologies have transformed global business. However, in a world of rapidly shifting trends and economic instability, yesterday’s qualification is not always completely future-proof. That’s why PRINCE2®, the world’s most recognised project management certification, has released its updated PRINCE2® 6th edition.

Reflecting the latest developments in theory, as well as the pressing need to adapt to an unprecedented climate of uncertainty, PRINCE2® 6th edition offers proactive upskilling that brings project management capabilities in line with current demands.

What’s Different About The PRINCE2® 6th Edition?

In a significant – although not radical – overhaul, PRINCE2® 6th edition is about positive enhancement. The course introduces the topics in an accessible, easy-to-understand manner, even when the subjects themselves are advanced. Areas that set this 6th edition apart include adapting projects to external change, tailoring projects at any stage, and bringing together themes and principles. These are cemented in the fundamental PRINCE2 philosophy, which has an emphasis on ensuring agility, flexibility, and survivability.

This candidate-centric approach is combined with an exam that is orchestrated for the maximum potential for success. This means multiple responses, assertion reasoning, and no negative questions. At the same time, there are fewer questions, giving candidates more time to show what they’re capable of. It’s a strategy designed to bring out the best in people, so that skills are optimised.

Who’s PRINCE2® 6th Edition Aimed At?

PRINCE2® 6th edition is aimed at project managers from any industry, and this includes freelancers, contractors and consultants. Many candidates will be looking to up-skill from their existing PRINCE2® 5th edition certification. However, as the earlier version is gradually phased out, PRINCE2® 6th edition will become the gold standard.

What Are The Benefits?

Agility is crucial to success. During times of economic and socio-political change, companies in every sector need to be more flexible than ever before. This means being able to operate with confidence during uncertainty, being capable of an assured response to unpredictable external forces, and creating a leaner and more secure approach. With PRINCE2® 6th edition, everyone can meet challenges with the confidence of knowing that project managers are at the cutting edge of their game.

Take Part In Our Free PRINCE2 6th Edition Webinar

New skills deliver an enhanced competitive edge for your organisation. To help you target which of your PRINCE2® 5th edition certified professionals would benefit from the PRINCE2 6th edition upgrade, CourseMonster is offering two online webinars. These provide a comprehensive introduction to the updated course, as well as information about how PRINCE2 6th edition synchronises with existing qualifications.

The webinars will be presented by AXELOS PPM product ambassador, Allan Thomson. Topics covered include:

  1. Why AXELOS has upgraded PRINCE2® and what is significant about the 6th edition
  2. Content and exam update
  3. How the PRINCE2 6th edition exam expands the PRINCE2® brand
  4. Why PRINCE2 5th edition professionals should upgrade their skills with the 6th edition

Next Steps

To find out more about how PRINCE2 6th edition can offer a competitive edge in a dynamic and changing world, or to book a place on one of our webinars, please get in touch by clicking here.

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