OptaPlanner Red Hat Build Offered by Application Foundations

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on January 10, 2023

Red Hat Releases OptaPlanner 8

Red Hat Application Foundations now offers a version of OptaPlanner, which helps developers find the best solution for a given data set and constraints. OptaPlanner is an open-source project that provides a lightweight, embeddable engine for solving optimization problems such as scheduling, vehicle routing, and rostering. The Red Hat build of OptaPlanner allows customers to build scalable planning applications that can effectively handle complex constraint satisfaction challenges.

To navigate the constantly changing landscape and improve efficiency, businesses, particularly those in asset-intensive industries, are adopting digital solutions. Research firm IDC predicts that by 2026, 75% of large enterprises will use artificial intelligence to optimize asset utilization, streamline supply chains, and enhance product quality in distributed environments. The need for optimized business processes is particularly acute in the remote work environment, where employees may not be on-site to make informed decisions about operations.

The Red Hat build of OptaPlanner can be used to create effective plans and schedules for various purposes, such as shift scheduling for employees, route planning for fleet vehicles, and job assignment to machines or assembly lines. It can be used to solve a variety of optimization problems.

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The Foundation for Advanced Application Development for OptaPlanner

Red Hat Application Foundations is a group of application services that work with Red Hat OpenShift to speed up the development and delivery of containerized applications across different cloud environments. It is designed to help organizations quickly create and integrate applications and data services as part of their plan to modernize their infrastructure and applications. With Red Hat Application Foundations, teams can select the most suitable technologies for their changing needs as they develop their application strategy.

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