Modern Security for Hybrid Cloud is Transformation Catalyst

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on December 1, 2022

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While ransomware assaults happen every 11 seconds today, it takes a company an average of 252 days to detect and contain a breach across hybrid cloud infrastructures. This demonstrates how outdated security measures are in today’s society. Enterprises must increase their cyber awareness to protect a significantly increased modern security attack surface as the majority of large firms transition to multi-cloud, SaaS-heavy hybrid cloud use.

Security must now be a priority and be ingrained in all that people do. How can we secure end-to-end and achieve a holistic security posture that is sufficient to support business processes in the more complicated hybrid cloud environment? As industries transition to a new, Security First archetype: Transformative Security Programs, it’s time to consider security at the corporate level.

Modern security: Quality, velocity, affordability

At least 80% of CEOs find it difficult to include operations and information security disciplines early enough to stop rework or security incidents. Before creating their cloud strategy, businesses should take policy compliance, security laws, and asset protection into account to develop a Security First approach. Companies should also address complexity early in the planning and design process rather than delaying security concerns to avoid expensive reworks.

The outdated practice of treating security as a stand-alone function should be avoided by a modernized security operation and management system. Instead, operate it like a real, integrated business unit and make the necessary investments to promote cyber resiliency and the level of quality, speed, and cost required to protect digital assets. With a Security First strategy, your company may use automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), cover cyber talent shortages, and reduce vulnerabilities through secure architecture design and early, modern security testing.

Hybrid cloud mastery demands a whole-team approach to modern security

A modern security program should include situational awareness with a single pane of glass and enhanced cyber training such as simulated cybersecurity attack and response exercises because 82% of security breaches are the result of human error. To better educate and relate security to your team’s daily tasks, these training systems allow the importance of protecting against attacks with engaging aspects. Modern security awareness and education support excellent cyber behavior for both regular operations and disrupted, under-attack operations by encouraging people to use critical thinking.

However, if improving cybersecurity and decreasing security risks are important for the effective execution of digital efforts in cloud portfolios, they aren’t usually executed in a manner that is directly related to one another. Aim to expressly integrate roadmaps and embed security into the hybrid cloud journey rather than simply operating a security modernization program with a cloud adoption program, with enterprise security and hybrid cloud security playing on the same team.

For example, designing and maintaining a secure data fabric requires the participation of the entire team, regardless of who is in charge of the project. Security becomes a shared responsibility when the entire team is involved, and this strategy is simpler and more effective when it is based on a larger Security First and Security Always culture.

3 Steps for Overcoming the Security Challenge to Mastering Hybrid Clouds

Step 1: Harmonize the security posture across the estate

Consider the big picture. The whole of a hybrid cloud estate’s security rules, capabilities, and practices is its security posture. The discord between security postures can expose serious issues when you press the “start” button and expect a certain cloud or component to work together effectively. By integrating the security posture across the entire hybrid cloud, you can create a protective shield that stops “bad guys” from attacking the weakest point. Enterprises may achieve consistency by managing enterprise security from the top down.

Step 2: Create visibility through a single pane of glass

If hackers are serious about attacking you, they will log in to your network through many program ports and create a lot of network traffic. You might not see this rise if your data is isolated, and you possibly miss a warning sign of a possible security attack.

To enable accurate security insights throughout the entire cloud estate, enclaves of data (apps, network, and security) should be linked into a data lake. IT operations data and AI operations data can both be used as tools for your company to impose AI or machine learning capabilities into the data lake. This “single pane of glass” capability for aggregated visibility makes it possible to quickly identify, assess, and fix security problems.

Keep in mind that security in a hybrid cloud ecosystem is essential to your business and goes beyond the security role. By accepting reasonable terms and conditions with your cloud provider, you must have the authority to collect these data.

Step 3: Leverage AI to predict vulnerabilities

If we can also more quickly and accurately interpret what we see, the power of the single pane of glass increases. High volumes of complex security data may be processed by AI, machine learning, and automation, enabling close to real-time threat detection and prediction. AI technologies can be “trained” to recognize patterns in past cyberattacks that have occurred before incidents. Even before a human operator might recognize a possible incident and take appropriate action, AI can make notifications when certain patterns repeat or even offer self-healing activities.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology automation and AI machine learning helps organizations to quickly and effectively create new ways to prioritize security in the face of security skills shortages and 3.5 million open security jobs.

To keep up with the demands of the modern world, it is time to embrace the transformational power of security. You must create a cohesive security program that directs business efforts, maximizes security resources, and changes your operating culture to be Security First if you want to master the hybrid cloud.

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