Linux Professional Institute Releases Web Development Essentials

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on March 31, 2022

The Web Development Essentials training is now available from the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). The curriculum gives students an overview of web-based software development. The program consists of learning goals, Learning Materials, a test, and a certificate granted upon successful completion of the exam.

Learners who are just getting started with software development can benefit from Web Development Essentials. It’s meant to be taught in a one-semester class or something similar. The program’s material covers the core ideas needed to create web-based apps. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, and SQL are all included. At a fundamental level, all of these technologies are covered. The course is designed to cover a sufficient quantity of information in a sufficient length of time so that the student can grasp the fundamental concepts of web development and apply the necessary technology to simple projects. Taken together, the program’s curriculum enables students to create a small web application on their own.

“The goal of Web Development Essentials is to provide a basic understanding of software development. It covers all of the fundamentals, but with just enough content to get started constructing a small app right away,” explains Fabian Thorns, LPI’s Director of Product Development. Thorns says, “The combination of learning goals, Learning Materials, a test, and a certificate is a comprehensive package that gives both learners and teachers everything they need to get started.”

“The objective of LPI is to assist everyone working with open technology.” Software development is an important aspect of professional IT and one of the most visible aspects of open source technology. We give an introduction to software development using an open-source stack that is available to anybody on any platform with Web Development Essentials,” explains Matthew Rice, Executive Director of LPI.


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