Business Transformation Is More Than Just A Decision

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on February 28, 2023

Five reasons why digital transformation is essential for business growth | IT PRO

According to a recent Raconteur article, the new IT plays a crucial role in the process of business transformation, which encompasses various tools such as cloud services, ERP software, CRM platforms, data lakes, and HR management tools. However, an organization needs to determine the appropriate IT to purchase and find ways to maintain a prosperous transformation beyond acquiring new hardware and software.

Initially, it is important to comprehend the concept of transformation. This involves identifying the destination for your business, determining the objective, and ascertaining if you help to expand. Scaling the organization as a whole is often a prerequisite for growth, which may necessitate adopting various technologies, in addition to hiring suitable personnel to assist with scaling efforts.

Currently, the process of transformation typically involves upgrading the methods used by IT to support a business. This involves shifting away from traditional in-house IT support towards outsourced cloud computing. Nonetheless, transitioning from server-based IT to cloud services could potentially result in exorbitant expenses to attain a “Rolls Royce” level of quality, whereas opting for a cheaper service may be more affordable but compromise on quality.

Normally, a business ought to possess a roadmap and a comprehensive comprehension of how the IT functions, and the business will collaborate to implement novel technologies. This will be integrated into a business plan for the upcoming one to five years, which should contemplate how to scale the business, whether gradually or more ambitiously.

In the end, it is imperative to have honest discussions within your organization to ascertain what is genuinely necessary. Otherwise, you may fall into the trap of purchasing the latest “shiny new thing,” whether it is required or not. Developing a well-structured plan entails outlining all the essential elements and incorporating risk assessments to prepare for any potential complications.

The risks of relying on new technology alone to deliver business transformation

The majority of transformations are not without issues, particularly when they involve resolving challenging problems or unanticipated circumstances. Whenever you introduce new elements, especially customized configurations, it is essential to anticipate that something may go wrong. Therefore, it is critical to have monitoring systems in place to detect and manage any issues that may arise. You must also decide whether to rely on the in-house IT team to resolve these issues or to engage an outsourced service provider.

As part of the transformation process, you must consider who will be responsible for supporting the technology, along with governance and training for users. Additionally, you need to identify a liaison point who will communicate with any external support provider.

Sustaining a transformation – operations and culture

The Raconteur article briefly acknowledges the significance of considering the operational and cultural aspects of a planned transformation. However, what does this entail in practice when it comes to maintaining a successful transformation?

Undoubtedly, unexpected challenges will arise during any transformation. Therefore, it is crucial to have adequate personnel and processes in place, with a clearly defined support model that encompasses updates and upgrades. All these aspects should be systematically documented, including any associated costs or training requirements.

It is logical to have individuals who possess a deep understanding of the problems at hand and can effectively communicate with external support services regarding technical matters. It is crucial to comprehend the nature of their proposals and how much they will cost.

The ITIL 4 framework includes an entire section dedicated to service operations, with several elements of best practice guidelines that can assist in implementing transformational change within your organization.

An important component of this process is cultural adoption and the effective utilization of technology. As you introduce new technology, it is essential to establish user groups or communities that can provide feedback throughout the process. This approach allows you to incorporate feedback into future changes and engage more users. Ideally, this should address their primary concern of “What’s in it for me?”.

Failing to do so will result in negative experiences, which can cause people to lose interest and resist adopting new technology and workflows. It is crucial to bring people along on this journey and approaches such as organizational change management within ITIL 4 offer a framework for helping individuals navigate change. Neglecting this aspect is, in my opinion, one of the most significant missed opportunities in business transformation.

A place to start with transformation

If you are creating an agenda for the beginning of a business transformation program, what key items should be included?

  1. Develop a comprehensive checklist of required items, including technology.
  2. Design a communication and outreach strategy to inform stakeholders of the upcoming changes, the rationale, the timeline, and how they will benefit.
  3. Create a plan for managing adoption and facilitating organizational change.

It’s important to keep in mind that transformation and modernization are ongoing processes. It’s never a one-time event, and even while maintaining current operations, you need to anticipate what’s next in terms of technology and the future of your organization.


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