APMG International and The Cyber Scheme have Teamed Up

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on July 21, 2022

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APMG and The Cyber Scheme are collaborating to provide cyber security tests and accreditation programs for training organizations and individuals.

Assisting cyber security professionals in improving their careers

The Cyber Scheme and APMG are pleased to announce a new collaborative working arrangement geared to assist professionals in developing and growing their careers in cyber security.

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Entry points and career paths in cyber scheme

The Cyber Scheme and APMG are dedicated to improving entrance methods and career opportunities that will be adopted as “best practices” by the Cyber Security industry.

Both APMG and The Cyber Scheme place a premium on making career paths easier, more regulated, and more accessible to people from diverse backgrounds. This joint venture will ensure the best quality tests for anyone desiring to advance their education in this dynamic industry by keeping to proper governance under internationally recognized standards.

Exams and assessments for a variety of internationally recognized schemes will be available through The Cyber Scheme and APMG. APMG is an accreditation organization with an established relationship with the newly formed UK Cyber Security Council, and both they and The Cyber Scheme are willing to create a working partnership with the Council, which will serve to maintain the quality of service offerings as they develop.

Helping professionals in starting their careers in cyber scheme

The organizations will collaborate with The Cyber Scheme’s Sponsors, a group of industry thought-leaders and specialists dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the Cyber Security industry as a whole.

“There are thousands of competent Cyber Security professionals in the UK, but not enough. There are excellent cyber security university courses, but they cannot educate enough people,” says Richard Pharro, CEO of APMG. “The main focus of this collaboration is to help people get onto the first rung of a career in cyber security; to build a workforce that can develop and grow over time into the wide range of cyber security roles that need to be filled.”

“I echo Richard’s sentiment; being able to construct a suitable entry-level standard with industry collaboration is critical to helping thousands of people either career transition or join the workforce and get themselves on the first rung of the Cyber ladder,” says Charles White, MD of The Cyber Scheme.

Additionally, our professional sponsors’ capacity to develop more modern standards that fit today’s market demands is important. As a result of our relationship with APMG, The Cyber Scheme can be confident that any standard or qualification grades would be subjected to the inspection and proper governance given by the most reputable global accreditation and examination institute.”

* The certification and accreditation processes at APMG are designed and administered in line with a strong quality management system that has been approved by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

About The Cyber Scheme

The Cyber Scheme offers the highest level of government-approved examinations accessible, which is required for technical consultants seeking NCSC CHECK certification. They also offer training to anyone interested in working in the Cyber Security field. Also, they actually support, educate, and recruit a new generation of people who have traditionally been unable to pursue a career in cyber security, so solving the existing skills gap and guaranteeing that the UK has a strong cyber industry to secure it in the future.

The Cyber System is also developing a new sponsorship scheme, to expand the focus of testing from CHECK to Entry Level, Red Teaming, Incident Response, and beyond.

About APMG

APMG is an international examination institute that provides a range of professional certifications for knowledge workers. APMG certificates are intended to help individuals advance their professional careers by providing them with the skills, information, tools, and approaches to enable them and their companies to perform more effectively.

Additionally, APMG offers accreditation services to individuals and organizations all over the world that deliver high-quality training and consulting services in support of our certifications.

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