Use These Apps to Save Time Running Your Business

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on September 21, 2021



As a small business owner, you know how important it is to find ways to make life a little easier. Whether it’s hiring help or eliminating and automating time-consuming tasks. It’s all about saving yourself time — time that could otherwise be spent running your business and increasing its value. There are so many apps available now to help you do just that. CM Training shares some ideas that can help make your life just that bit simpler.


Apps for Organization

At any one time, you’ve probably got a hundred things swirling around your head that you know need to be done. If you don’t write them down somewhere, they’re gone. When you’re so busy, it’s easy to forget something important and your to-do list is out the window.

An app like Evernote can help keep you organized. Think of it as a diary on your phone, keeping a record of all the important things you have to do and reminding you of anything on your calendar that needs your attention.

Speaking of calendars, Calendly is a really useful tool, as well. Use it for scheduling meetings with team members or customers.


Apps for Communication

Slack is a mobile app that makes it easier for you to have conversations with colleagues and clients. It offers the facility to have one-on-one direct messaging and also group messaging with as many people as you’d like on a “channel.” It also offers the function to make voice calls. Avoid getting into a never ending email conversation and have instant conversations instead.


Apps for Time Tracking

If you have remote employees, you need a streamlined way for them to track their hours. Toggl is a cloud-based time-tracking service for both individuals and businesses. You can use the time tracking reports that the app creates for you in analyzing how much time is being spent on certain tasks. This can help you to identify tasks that are most profitable, and where time can be saved on jobs.


Apps For Bookkeeping and Accounting

Making sure your accounts are correct and up to date is a time-consuming task for small businesses. If you’re not an accountant, it can also be difficult to get your head around just exactly what it is you need to do. While it might be time-consuming, it’s also really important to get right.

To help, you need business software for enterprise resource planning (ERP) that has all the functions you need to help you grow while also being user-friendly and easy to use. A platform like QuickBooks helps you to keep track of both your expenses and sales, while also offering the ability to invoice and see your transactions at a glance. Mobile functionality is also a plus, as well as inventory management and payroll capabilities (to name a few).

Managing your expenses can also be a real hassle. It means keeping hold of a load of receipts and trying to remember what you’ve spent and where. Using an app like Expensify can help you to track your expenses automatically instead.

Expensify lets you take a photo of your receipt and record all the details for you. It can also help your employees in submitting expenses to you. It can also sync up with your accounting software (like Quickbooks) to save you needing to manually input this information again.



The time you have available in a day is always going to be stretched. It’s important for both you and your business to make things as easy as possible and automate as many processes as you can. These user-friendly apps can help you to run your business while you’re on the go. They can help you to stay organized and facilitate communication with both employees and customers. Why not give some of these apps a try and see how they can help you in your business?


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