Unlocking Salesforce Value: 4 Trends for Companies

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on September 28, 2022

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Organizations all around the world have had to speed up their technology investments in order to function amid severe market changes over the past several years. Businesses that were already well-versed in digital and cloud technology overcame challenges more successfully than their competitors. The question of whether to invest in these platforms, like Salesforce is no longer relevant; rather, what matters is how to strategically utilize those investments to maximize business value.

One of the platforms driving the transformation required is Salesforce. Through a comprehensive strategy for business transformation, today’s leading organizations are leveraging the value of Salesforce and developing important business systems that are adaptable enough to thrive in the face of challenges and uncertainty. These businesses will way to get the best and produce consistent wins that accelerate progress.

The State of Salesforce report focuses on how businesses can leverage Salesforce to achieve the next wave of value. We analyze and share insights about how business executives around the world see Salesforce and how it helps concept that refers to ongoing change.

The report observed four trends, which are summarized here. These trends emphasize the importance of using Salesforce throughout your entire organization rather than only in specific departments or business units.

Salesforce Trend no.1: Use cross-cloud solutions to unlock value

Utilizing the cross-cloud capabilities offered by Salesforce to enhance digital operations will bring about the next wave of corporate value. To achieve outcomes like profitability, increased productivity, streamlined processes, and employee retention, leading businesses are pursuing operational excellence. With Salesforce, they have access to sophisticated workflows, international partner networks, and tools that give both customers and employees a 360-degree experience.

For significant cross-cloud benefits, businesses must utilize the full capabilities of the Salesforce platform and product line. Automation, integration, and collaboration will help you get outcomes that will cut expenses, boost productivity, and strengthen user relationships.

Companies that embrace cross-cloud solutions come out ahead. More than 75% of organizations say Salesforce increases their business productivity, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction. — The State of Salesforce Survey, 2022

Salesforce Trend no.2: Becoming a trusted enterprise will unlock benefits

The era of the reliable company has arrived. Whether as customers, partners, or workers, people want to interact with companies they can trust. Using digital technology in ways that maintain stated principles about ethics, transparency, security, privacy, and safety is the key to developing a trusted organization. Salesforce is being used by top businesses to build responsive, reliable, and intelligent platforms that protect users’ security and responsibly use AI.

It takes coordinated effort and technology and business culture alignment to build a trustworthy enterprise. You can easily clean up and protect user data and create reliable AI that promotes engagement and growth for your company using Salesforce and its larger ecosystem as the lynchpin between your values and operations.

Becoming a modern, trusted enterprise means embracing AI, but taking care to do so ethically. 60% of executives cite customer and employee trust concerns as a top blocker to using AI, while 57% cite issues around transparency and the ethical use of data.  The State of Salesforce Survey, 2022

Salesforce Trend no.3: Smarter innovation will unlock value

Leading businesses are developing technologies and systems that can respond to the quick changes in the market. A creative attitude that is prepared to support new visions and modern means to make them a reality is necessary in today’s business world. The companies that are modernizing most successfully are utilizing “configuration not code,” as Salesforce puts it, and embracing the Salesforce ecosystem’s ongoing evolution to develop endlessly.

Your company will always have access to the newest features and functionalities thanks to the core Salesforce platform and its numerous new releases. Your leadership will successfully orchestrate and carry out enterprise-wide transformation when it is in line with innovation-based goals.

Innovating smarter means finding the right partners to help you get the most out of Salesforce: 83% of customers work with an external partner to manage Salesforce, leveraging their insight and expertise to support ongoing innovation and take advantage of new features. — The State of Salesforce Survey, 2022

Salesforce Trend no.4: Make sustainability a catalyst for transformation

Sustainability has become a strategic business necessity due to environmental effects and disruptions to the global economy, and IBM and Salesforce are leading significant environmental change. Both groups provide solutions for corporate executives to use eco-friendly methods and technology that advance everyone. Progress is possible.

Data-driven environmentalism is rapidly gaining ground, and company executives must now take into account not only their internal operations but also the broad effects of their goods and services. When fundamental values are woven into the very foundation of your business, you may reach genuinely revolutionary sustainability goals with the support of data-driven transparency and insights. Companies must concentrate on their data, culture, and leadership to start this journey and build a scalable and measurable approach. Platforms like Salesforce offer the technology required to alter the entire corporation and incorporate all facets of sustainability into essential business activities.

Turning sustainability ambition into action is essential for businesses moving forward. 90% of companies cite long-term sustainability as one of the most important challenges facing their organization over the next 18 months.

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