Top 5 Best Jobs for Your PMP Certification in 2024

Posted by Jethro Villanueva on May 10, 2024

Congratulations you finally got your PMP certification, what’s next? In this guide, we will explore the Top 5 Best Jobs for Your PMP Certification in 2024.

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is often regarded as the gold standard for aspiring project leaders. As a matter of fact, PMP-certified professionals have excellent reputations in the corporate world since they have validated qualifications.

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What is PMP Certification?

When applying for a higher position, your employers might request tangible proof to support your qualifications. This is where your PMP certification comes in handy. In fact, an industry-recognised certification not only validates your skills but also enhances your professional credibility as a project manager.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be part of an exclusive group of project leaders? This is comparable to the perks granted to PMP-certified individuals. As part of the PMP-certified community, you’ll have unmatched networking opportunities with like-minded professionals from various industries.

PMP Certification Requirements

Before anything else, make sure you are qualified to apply to proceed with getting PMP certification. To be eligible for PMP certification, you must fulfil the following criteria:

Acquired a High School Diploma

Firstly, you should have a minimum of 60 months of experience leading projects within the past 8 years. Also, you should have completed 35 hours of project management training.

Finished a 4-year University Degree

Besides completing a four-year college degree, you should possess 8 years and 36 months of project management experience. Furthermore, it is imperative to have completed 35 hours of project management training.

Top 5 Best Jobs for Your PMP Certification in 2024

Once you acquire a PMP certification, numerous opportunities await you in the job market. While there are plenty of career prospects, we’ve compiled the top 5 best jobs for your PMP certification in 2024.

Project Director

If you have a knack for supervising multiple projects in your organisation, then this position is suited for you. As the project director, you will supervise the completion of each project and monitor all ongoing and prospective activities. Undoubtedly, this career path is highly rewarding, as it offers an average annual salary ranging from $150,000-$230,000.

Portfolio and Program Manager 

After earning this certificate, you can work as a portfolio and project manager. In this role, you will focus on project planning and managing the organisational structure of your company. This position offers a competitive average annual salary ranging from $124,000-$190,000.

Product Owner

As of 2024, this job will give you an annual average salary of $120,000-$160,000. Product owners manage the product backlog to assist their teams in completing tasks within the designated timeline.

Engineering Project Manager

This job is the fourth-highest paying position after earning PMP certification, with an average salary of $115,000-$150,000 per year. Generally, you will oversee the entire product development process and provide effective solutions to meet the client’s specific needs. Aside from that, you will maintain regular and open communication with clients to incorporate their valuable feedback.

Project Manager Consultant 

Last but not least,  your this certification will enable you to pursue a career as a project management consultant. With an average salary ranging from $103,000-$123,000, your expertise and insights will play a crucial role in various aspects of project management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs that we’ve addressed in case you still have queries.

Are people with PMP certification in high demand? 

Yes. Based on the 2021 PMI report, project management jobs will open by 2030, with 2.3 million positions to fill. In that case, companies will require competent individuals who can effectively solve problems and lead their organisations to success. One way to validate your qualifications for this job is by obtaining a PMP certification.

How should I get ready for the PMP certification test? 

If you haven’t obtained your PMP certification yet, you can prepare by enrolling in courses or using practice exams. At CourseMonster, we offer training courses that can help you prepare for your PMP or CAPM exams. Generally, you can complete the interactive course in less than a week. 

How long is the validity of PMP certifications?

PMP certifications have three-year validity and can be used to fulfil the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCRs). Additionally, there is a renewal fee that needs to be paid.

Is the PMP certification worth it?

Yes. Earning PMP certification enhances your earning potential, opens up various career possibilities, and provides access to opportunities in different industries. In addition, the certification process exposes you to the latest project management tools, keeping you at the forefront of industry innovations. This allows you to lead projects to successful completion.


Effective project management continues to be vital for achieving success within a company. Consequently, there is a significant demand for proficient project leaders who possess the ability to guide businesses towards this objective.

As a result, PMP-certified professionals who have demonstrated their capabilities stand out among other candidates. It is not surprising that numerous professionals choose to pursue this career path, given the exceptional benefits associated with it.

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