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Posted by Marbenz Antonio on August 23, 2022

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AXELOS, the organization that certifies PRINCE2, recently released an updated version of the project management approach that reflects changes in the field of project management education. This marks the first significant change since 2009. We are giving an overview of the changes to the methodology and course as one of the first Accredited Training Organizations to offer the revised PRINCE2 courseware. This manual provides a summary of pertinent information for readers who require PRINCE2 certification.
Although PRINCE2 has always been adaptable and flexible enough to accommodate the complexity and demands of different projects, it later developed a reputation for being rigid and procedure-heavy. Following AXELOS’ consideration of this feedback, the update takes the following issues into account:

  • increased focus on flexibility and scalability;
  • more explanation of the relationships between the themes and ideals;
  • more emphasis on PRINCE2’s key values;
  • further suggestions, advice, and illustrations of how to use the new guidelines;
  • improved readability and more assistance in customizing the software;
  • Configuration management is eliminated.

Differences: Principles of PRINCE2

The basic principles haven’t changed all that much. However, they have added a key message for each principle, which should allow individuals to help understand the principles and assist those taking the Foundation exam. With the new edition, there is a larger emphasis on these principles.

Differences: Tailoring of PRINCE2

The new PRINCE2 manual’s tailoring text is located closer to the front than it was in the 2009 version, making it easier for users to reach. There is detailed advice on implementing Agile, and integrating PRINCE2 alongside Agile is usually mentioned. The update also contains detailed advice on how to recognize the minimum standards for a PRINCE2 project and how to utilize the methodology wisely and selectively according to the size of the project at hand.
The primary emphasis is on how to use PRINCE2 within an organization, covering pertinent subjects like:

  • Embedding PRINCE2 into an organization;
  • Tailoring it to fit the organization.

Other tailoring-related subjects include:

  • Tailoring the terminology
  • Tailoring the principles
  • Tailoring the roles
  • Tailoring the themes
  • Tailoring the management products
  • Tailoring the methodology

Differences: Themes of PRINCE2

The seven themes from the previous iteration of PRINCE2 are still present in PRINCE2: Plans, Risk, Progress, Change, Quality, Organization, and Business Case. However, there is now more evidence to support each of the themes. The additional material serves as implementation instructions and the requirements for each theme.

The PRINCE2 Exams

In PRINCE2, the curriculum and tests have been streamlined. In the tests, applying PRINCE2 is given much more importance.

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Foundation Exam

Instead of 75 questions, there are now 60. The foundation exam now requires a score of 33 to pass. Additionally, fewer negative and list questions are asked.

Practioner Exam

Because candidates are tested on every element of the methodology, every element of the methodology is important to the exam.
Fewer inquiries are asked regarding management products, and more are asked about their use and operation in actual projects. Additionally, less additional material is used.

Instead of 80 questions, there are now 68, and all of the answer, assertion, and reasoning-related questions have been eliminated. The current pass mark is 38.

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