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Posted by Kelvin on February 26, 2021

IBM’s Self-Paced Virtual Classes (SPVCs) are a flexible training option that allows students to master skills via online courses that fit their schedules. SPVC courses are typically 30-80 hours of learning via online reading assignments, multimedia presentations and demonstrations. Lessons are presented in convenient modules so that students can easily integrate training into their work schedules.

SPVC courses include the same content as traditional classroom training. Students access hands-on labs and complete assignments using actual products. Plus they can converse with instructors, subject matter experts and fellow students via online forums.

How to succeed with SPVC training

IBM has trained thousands of students since it began offering SPVCs in 2008. Follow these tips to make the most of your SPVC experience:

  • Set up a calendar and block out the recommended number of SPVC hours. Successful students set aside blocks of time — from 60 minutes to half a day — to focus on learning. Minimize distractions by letting the phone go to voicemail, logging out of email and turning off instant messaging.
  • Invest in getting started. Be sure to complete the getting started portion of the SPVC. Students who take the time to understand how to navigate the course are better at searching for navigation, tools and cues. It is also helpful to review the course outline to understand the sequence of modules and how topics are organized.
  • Follow the structure and do not skip the labs. Modules are sequenced to take learners though a path that builds skills. If you take modules out of order, you may miss the foundation knowledge needed to complete successive modules. If you know the content in a module, consider scanning the content, completing the labs and taking the assessment.
  • Look at assessments as a learning tool. Tests and quizzes at the end of the modules are designed to help you monitor your progress. Think of these as personal feedback to help you identify topics that need additional study. If you do not understand why your answer is incorrect, you can post a note to the instructor and get a one-on-one explanation.
  • Pay attention to signals. Signals are words in the modules like “hints” “cautions” or “best practices” that highlight information that can add to your understanding. Take advantage of these cues to find additional insights.
  • Take notes and summarize after finishing a module. Note-taking is a beneficial study strategy. Students who take notes have better recall because they have organized their ideas using their own words. If you are restarting a class, your notes can help refresh your memory so you can quickly resume learning.

Find an SPVC class

Self-paced virtual classes are great resources for time-constrained professionals. Take advantage of these courses as a way to develop your skills and grow your career on your time.

To find a SPVC class, please get in touch with one of our course advisers today.


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