Simplifying the PRINCE2 7 Practitioner Exam to Reducing the Cognitive Load

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on January 15, 2024

Taking exams can be a highly stressful experience, especially for those facing the PRINCE2 exams after many years. Any assistance is undoubtedly appreciated even if you are comfortable with exam settings!

PeopleCert understands the anxiety associated with exams and has specifically concentrated on easing the exam experience by reducing the “cognitive load.” This involves minimizing the new information individuals need to process to answer the questions.

The improvements in PRINCE2 7 focus on two key aspects:

  • Easier Study and Application: The PRINCE2 manual is designed to be more user-friendly, facilitating active use when applying the method, especially during the exam.
  • Streamlined Exam Format: The exam structure has been simplified for a more straightforward experience.

A Simplified PRINCE2 7 Manual Structure

The practices outlined in chapters 5-11 of the PRINCE2 7 manual have undergone several improvements:

  • Immediate Application: Each practice now includes a technique, allowing you to apply PRINCE2 immediately.
  • Streamlined Information: Management products relevant to the application of each practice, such as the purpose and content of a business case or risk register, are now integrated at the end of each practice. This eliminates the need to refer to each management product in Appendix A, simplifying manual usage and question-answering.
  • Enhanced Applicability: Clear explanations on how to apply each practice (section X.4 of each practice) are provided for various situations, making the guidance more applicable to your work.

The processes discussed in chapters 13-19 of the PRINCE2 manual have undergone simplification through the following approaches:

  • Comprehensive Overview: Each chapter begins with an input/activities/output table, offering a complete process overview.
  • Clarity in Responsibilities: A single table of responsibilities (RACI chart) is provided for the entire process.
  • Integration of Practices: Each chapter includes a table illustrating how the practices relate to the process.
  • Consistent Structure: Both processes and practices follow a consistent structure, enhancing navigation simplicity.

However, the manual incorporates four practical scenarios/case studies, distributed throughout, to demonstrate the method’s real-world application and aid comprehension.

PRINCE2 7 – A Revised Exam Structure

The latest exam for PRINCE2 7 has been structured in the order of the manual:

  • Principles (chapter 2)
  • People (chapter 3)
  • Practices (chapters 5 – 11)
  • Processes (chapters 13 – 19)

This approach simplifies the process for candidates, allowing them to locate necessary information without memorizing specific manual sections when responding to questions.

By guiding candidates through the manual chapter by chapter, the exam encourages a more focused understanding of the questions, promoting the application of knowledge rather than concerns about locating content.

Moreover, the sample practitioner papers incorporate the ‘NowBYou’ scenario from the PRINCE2 7 manual, encouraging candidates to contemplate the practical application of PRINCE2 during their learning.

The live exam papers are based on one of the three simple scenarios provided in the manual. This enables candidates to read and discuss the scenarios as part of their studies, familiarizing themselves with the content before the exam.

Consequently, opening the exam paper on the exam day becomes a less stressful experience.

Close collaboration between the PRINCE2 7 examination and authoring teams ensures both guidance and exams offer the right level of detailed content without overwhelming the learner.

Ultimately, PRINCE2 7 is designed to provide project professionals and their organizations access to the latest concepts and competencies, facilitating professional development.


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