Prioritizing Data Storage in Cloud Security

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on November 10, 2023

We are currently experiencing an era marked by remarkable technological breakthroughs and unprecedented opportunities. Recent advancements in fields such as AI and quantum computing present transformative potential for businesses but also introduce new risks and security challenges. IBM is actively addressing these challenges and evolving threats by assisting organizations in establishing highly secure, resilient, and durable storage solutions, utilizing technologies like Cloud Object Storage.

Securing Sensitive Data in an Evolving Landscape

Progress in fields like AI and quantum computing introduces new challenges for customers, particularly those in heavily regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, and others. In adapting to these changes, organizations require a solution tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of their industry. Here’s how IBM Cloud Object Storage aids clients in achieving their objectives and overcoming these emerging challenges.

1. Embracing an industry framework for security and compliance

IBM Cloud Object Storage serves as a cloud service designed for the storage of large datasets. It offers robust security features, data durability, and includes capabilities such as immutable data retention and audit controls. These attributes make it well-suited for supporting IBM Cloud’s objectives in assisting clients with their resilience, security, compliance, and performance targets. Built on the IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services, it specifically caters to enhancing security and compliance postures for clients.

The framework’s development involved leveraging the insights of the IBM Financial Services Cloud Council, a network comprising over 140 financial services CIOs, CTOs, and Risk and Compliance officers. Only ISVs and SaaS providers validated as compatible with the framework are eligible to provide offerings on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services. By meeting the requirements of the IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services, IBM Cloud Object Storage has been validated to align with IBM’s Cloud Framework.

2. Addressing the evolving regulatory landscape

In reaction to the changing regulatory landscape, government agencies have implemented rigorous demands for data retention. IBM Cloud Object Storage addresses this by ensuring data immutability at the storage layer, providing a security against tampering or manipulation. This heightened level of secured retention proves beneficial not only for banks and financial institutions but also establishes a foundational element for cyber vaults and cyber recovery strategies, crucial in defending against advanced threats like ransomware attacks. Moreover, it is widely compatible with various data protection ecosystems.

3. Supporting compliance and audit goals

Compliance and accountability stand as crucial priorities in regulated industries. IBM Cloud Object Storage is a storage capability explicitly crafted to assist clients in fulfilling their security and compliance requirements. Notable security features encompass encryption and key management, precise access restrictions, comprehensive activity and access logging, and ongoing monitoring of these controls and workloads through the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center. This platform constitutes a suite of contemporary cloud security and compliance solutions, strategically developed to aid enterprises in mitigating risks and safeguarding data across their hybrid, multicloud environments, and diverse workloads.

4. Creating a space for AI

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the advantages of AI and are integrating technology to facilitate its implementation. Nevertheless, implementing AI at scale can pose challenges, particularly concerning the processing of the data necessary for AI models. IBM Cloud Object Storage excels in managing data files as highly resilient and durable objects. This form of data management positions it as an optimal solution for enterprises looking to scale AI workloads.

5. Utilizing quantum-safe cryptography

The current era is increasingly recognized as the “quantum decade,” where practical quantum computing solutions could significantly influence computing strategies across various industries. However, this advancement may also bring profound changes to how we secure our digital data fabric through cryptography.

Observably, organizations are already exploring ways to enhance their cybersecurity measures to anticipate the emergence of cryptographically relevant quantum computers. Customers can contribute to securing their data transmitted to IBM Cloud against potential threats, such as the harvesting of encrypted data sent over the Internet, by leveraging quantum-safe algorithms that are presently available. This preemptive approach guards against potential decryption in the future when cryptographically relevant quantum computers become a reality.


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