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Posted by Marbenz Antonio on December 6, 2022

A practical guide to container networking

In any scenario, create multicluster Kubernetes installations with simpler’

Oracle now provides a complete solution based on an integrated suite of open-source software for businesses struggling to create and deploy cloud-native container-based applications in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud settings. Customers can utilize this cutting-edge suite’s flexible subscription-based support model to:

  • Modern application development and deployment architectures are simple to adopt.
  • Run applications both natively and in the cloud wherever you want to.
  • Support any computer language, framework, or pattern

The new suite comprises tested container runtimes and Kubernetes clusters, a best-in-class enterprise container platform for managing hybrid clouds and multi-clouds, and a reliable and secure Linux operating system, all with 24×7 support worldwide.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive: The essential skills you’ll need have been compiled by Oracle into a single software suite.
  • Open-source, standards-based: Using open-source, CNCF-certified components avoids the creation of technical or legal restrictions.
  • Runs everywhere: On-site and in the cloud of your choice (e.g. Oracle, AWS, Azure). Simple workflow setup, management, and operation in all environments.
  • Cost-efficient, simple licensing: The Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform and Oracle Linux operating system contain all the hardware and software required for operation in a single, expense package.
  • Commercial support: The well-known, 24/7 service offered by Oracle is available via subscription.
suite of open source technologies to deploy and manage container-based apps

Let’s take a closer look at the suite’s contents in container-based applications

Oracle Verrazzano for container application management

To deploy and manage container-based applications running on Kubernetes clusters in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, other public clouds, private clouds, and on-premises, Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform integrates best-of-breed open source technologies.

The Kubernetes deployment and service creation, inclusion in the service mesh, automated observability, and advanced support for Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Coherence, and Helidon deployments are all features of Verrazzano. It also offers enhanced handling for the majority of Java application workloads, full support for polyglot workloads with the same automated ingress, and enhanced handling for most Java workloads.

Oracle Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform features

  • Installation is made simple in a few minutes.
  • Workload management that is intelligent across Kubernetes clusters operating in a hybrid environment.
  • Using well-known CNCF projects like Prometheus, Grafana, OpenSearch, and OpenSearch Dashboards, automated, built-in observability is provided for system and application components, as well as metrics and log collecting from all managed workloads.
  • Application lifecycle management and automation with efficient cross-cluster updates are provided by DevOps and GitOps.
  • Faster problem identification and root cause investigation are made possible by Kubernetes infrastructure management, which includes full visibility and management of the underlying Kubernetes clusters.
  • An Istio service mesh that mitigates internal and external threats against customer data, endpoints, and communication; Keycloak identity and access management; and multilevel platform security with protection for network traffic, system components, and application components to reduce overhead and risk.
  • State management of stateless microservices using an in-memory data grid and Coherence Community Edition.
  • Popular Java frameworks like Helidon, Micronaut, and Spring Boot are supported by Oracle.

Oracle Cloud Native Environment for container runtime and lifecycle management

A production-ready environment for executing container-based applications is provided by the Oracle Cloud Native Environment, a hand-picked set of well-known open-source software. Oracle Cloud Native Environment has undergone interoperability testing and includes a CNCF-certified Kubernetes module for Oracle Linux that is based on open standards, specifications, and APIs developed by the Open Container Initiative and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). It provides developers with a streamlined framework for installing, upgrading, and customizing important features for coordinating microservices.

Oracle Linux for a secure and scalable operating system

For all of your applications, Oracle Linux is a dependable and secure operating system. For on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud deployments, it offers business performance. The Oracle Linux operating system powers both the Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform and the Oracle Cloud Native Environment.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux are 100% binary-compatible with container-based applications. Customers who subscribe to Oracle Linux Support have access to Linux support specialists, KVM virtualization, oVirt-based virtualization manager, DTrace, clustering tools, Oracle Linux Automation Manager and Automation Engine, Oracle Linux Manager, Lifetime Sustaining Support, zero-downtime patching. All of this and more are packaged into a single, affordable service package. Oracle Linux, in contrast to many other commercial Linux distributions, is simple to download and is free to use, distribute, and update.

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How about Oracle? We have here covered for you as well.

A solid open-source solution that simplifies container-based applications in hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments

Oracle’s cloud-native application development and deployment suite lower TCO, simplifies the complexity of dynamically changing cloud technology stacks and operations landscapes, and—most importantly—allows you to quickly create and turn out next-generation applications that are essential to your company’s operations.

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