IBM Business Analytics: Data-Driven Decisions

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on November 16, 2022

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Every day, organizations manage and analyze massive datasets, yet many still lack the proper tools to produce data-driven insights. To make quicker, more accurate business decisions in the face of unexpected market developments, businesses, even more, need to be able to deliver data insight by using IBM Business Analytics to the appropriate people.

Meeting business goals with data insights

These clients are overcoming manual and siloed analytical procedures to improve financial targets, sales goals, and operational capacity requirements by extending our current offering of business intelligence (BI) and planning analysis solutions. They are using their data in this way to better accomplish their business goals. Finally, regardless of skill level, any user can now feel empowered to make informed data-driven decisions.

Lessons from the IBM Data and AI Forum

The most recent event we held was at the IBM Data and AI Forum in Germany, where we discussed the most recent developments in our business analytics portfolio. You can view that event on demand here. The introduction of IBM Business Analytics Enterprise, which combines IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Cognos Analytics, and the new IBM Analytics Content Hub, was among the things which were announced.

They had the pleasure of hearing from many clients during the event, including ALH Gruppe, a top German finance and insurance company that has recently tried our Business Analytics Enterprise solution after using IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson for over ten years to support the decision-making of all kinds. “With the new IBM Analytics Content Hub, we are able to connect internal stakeholders to multiple different BI solutions for easier, faster access to self-service data, enabling better support for our end customers,” said Mr. Oerthle, Head of Analytics Reporting & Infrastructure, ALH Gruppe.

Here is a quick recap of the interesting news in case you missed the event and would like to learn more about the new capabilities disclosed:

IBM Business Analytics Enterprise

They have developed a suite of enterprise-class business intelligence and planning analytics tools, which includes the Analytics Content Hub, to synchronize the analytics experience. This set of products aids in revolutionizing how clients access, manage and use business analytics. The IBM Analytics Content Hub integrates all IBM and other popular business intelligence technologies into a single personalized view, allowing customers to view planning and analytics dashboards from many suppliers. Users may easily find and utilize analytics and planning features using IBM Business Analytics Enterprise. As previously announced, this new pre-bundled corporate analytics suite consists of the new IBM Analytics Content Hub, IBM Planning Analytics, and IBM Cognos Analytics.

IBM Planning Analytics-as-a-Service on AWS

They’ve implemented IBM Planning Analytics-as-a-Service on AWS to give clients high availability and elastic scaling on demand. Access to purchase IBM Planning Analytics-as-a-Service on AWS is now available upon request by clients. This promotes prediction consistency and accuracy while accelerating the time to insights. Later this year, the complete version will be accessible on AWS.

IBM Planning Analytics Engine

IBM is keeping up this momentum while leveraging IBM Planning Analytics’ unrivaled scaling capabilities. The upgraded distribution of TM1 for Kubernetes, the IBM Planning Analytics Engine, is something we are delighted to announce. Same TM1, different deployment architecture, in your mind. It’s accessible in IBM Planning Analytics 4.5.1, on-premises, or other cloud providers and was built with resiliency in mind.

The amount of data and technology available to organizations today makes it difficult to predict and plan for future business demands using simple spreadsheets. The majority of organizations are aware of how business intelligence (BI) and analytics can be used to plan, forecast, and influence future business outcomes. However, for many, the analytics tooling and the insights it generates are still kept in data silos. Organizations may access real-time data by using the strength of IBM’s business analytics solutions, doing away with handwritten spreadsheets and organizational silos. By addressing their planning and forecasting requirements, they can eventually move their company from what is coming to what is coming next.

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