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Posted by Marbenz Antonio on October 24, 2022

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The world in which we live depends on developers, and the success of businesses in every sector depends on your job. Microsoft supports companies like yours in their personal initiatives. Microsoft Cloud’s end-to-end cloud platform enables you to quickly innovate and create a secure foundation for all of your applications.

At Microsoft Ignite, they explain how low-code app development helps you to iterate quickly and go to market faster—as well as how to access the most complete collection of development tools at Microsoft—and how to increase productivity and flexibility with Azure’s cloud-native solutions. Let’s analyze the significant issues, developments, and trends you’ll take away from Microsoft Ignite since you have so much to learn from one another on this journey.

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Using the most important Microsoft Cloud developer platform to speed up innovation

A wide platform like Microsoft Cloud makes it possible for developers to create amazing solutions. Azure, the underlying infrastructure that enables you to build whatever you can dream, sits at the heart of the Microsoft Cloud. Ernst & Young Global Limited (EY) has developed more agile methods and switched to a rolling product-delivery approach for software and services using Azure DevOps and Azure Kubernetes Service. They have improved their speed and confidence in creating and implementing solutions in a wide range of situations.

They are dedicated to helping you in doing more with less. You can create reliable, scalable, and high-performance cloud-native applications using the Microsoft Cloud toolkit, which includes Visual Studio, Azure, GitHub, and Power Platform.

Organizations are being forced to modify their IT development plans due to the surge in demand for digital solutions and the growing lack of technical skills. Everyone may participate in the development process, which allows IT to increase technical capability, speed up development affordably, and innovate with the business. Organizations may modernize operations at scale, differentiate services and experiences, and expedite their journey to the cloud in a secure, administrable, and economical way by using the world’s most comprehensive set of integrated low-code development tools.

They’re excited to offer some news and changes at Microsoft Ignite that will let you quickly code and ship from anywhere with confidence. These updates and news are intended to address these needs and improve the overall developer and maker experience.

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Improving the productivity and standard of hybrid development teams using Microsoft Cloud

The software package development lifecycle is supported by teams using Microsoft’s developer cloud. Azure offers the cloud infrastructure needed to quickly create a scalable, resilient, and simple-to-operate application.

Microsoft is proud to announce that a preview of Azure Deployment Environments is now available.

  • Together, Microsoft Dev Box and Azure Deployment Environments provide developers with a full cloud-powered workflow for any project that can be fully managed by IT admins.
  • Dev Box provides developers with powerful cloud-based workstations that make it easier to start coding right away.
  • Teams can quickly and on-demand spin up the infrastructure required to run their project in the cloud using Azure Deployment Environments.
  • Teams can test and safely meet scale and performance targets with the help of Azure Load Testing.

Microsoft is proud to offer the GitHub Advanced Security preview for Azure DevOps.

  • Which integrates Azure DevOps with GitHub’s market-leading, developer-focused security tooling.
  • Through enhanced cooperation and automation, GitHub streamlines our workflows and procedures.
  • Within our development workflow, GitHub Advanced Security offers a native application security solution that enables the management of open-source dependencies, custom code, and secrets across the software lifecycle.

Use cloud-native architectures to improve the modernization and innovation of applications at scale

New levels of size, performance, and dependability can be achieved with cloud-native apps. Using cloud-native design patterns enables organizations to innovate with the agility, efficiency, and speed needed to provide value to end users. With the help of Azure Kubernetes Service, developers can grow cloud-native applications and use the Kubernetes ecosystem. For example, the Forza team used autoscaling Azure Kubernetes Service to fulfill the performance demand of 10 million concurrent players at launch—the greatest first week in Xbox Game Studios history—while launching Forza Horizon 5.

By extracting the infrastructure from developers, cloud-native technologies’ goal is to allow them to focus on creating more cloud-optimized applications. The Azure Kubernetes Fleet Manager preview, which they honored to announce today, enables you to simply manage fleets of Kubernetes clusters, execute workloads and services across many clusters, and ensure consistent configuration, access, and governance throughout your Kubernetes environment.

How you can achieve more with less by modernizing your corporate software with Microsoft Cloud

For .NET and Java clients, Azure’s fully managed application platform service products, such as Azure App Service and Azure Spring Cloud, stand out because they let users update programs with little to no code changes and greater developer productivity. With Azure application platform services, you can transfer management of the underlying cloud infrastructure to Azure, freeing you and your developers to focus on developing new apps rather than managing, configuring, securing, and supporting the foundation infrastructure (because Azure does that for you). Updating your apps with easily available skills reduces costs. Additionally, thanks to the platform’s industry-leading platform security from Azure, which is integrated right into the platform, trust and client loyalty are generated. With less concern for over- or under-provisioning resources, you may gain maximum scale by smoothly involving your internal and external stakeholders in the modernization process. You can innovate more and create more value for your company with the help of Azure App Service and other Azure application platform services.

COFCO International, China’s largest food and agricultural industry corporation, is one example of a customer using Azure’s managed services and virtualized computing alternatives. To develop new applications for application integration, data aggregation and reporting, and data governance, COFCO International used Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions. As a result, they were able to make decisions more quickly and offer better visibility thanks to improved analytics capabilities.

Simplify low-code governance around your business

Microsoft’s Power Platform is a centralized low-code platform that enables makers to take advantage of shared components and standard building blocks, enabling organizations to incorporate low-code assets into a centralized framework and providing IT with the insight to manage centrally at scale. Power Platform is built on top of Azure and takes advantage of Azure’s improved management features, industry-specific certifications, and security features.

With the help of Managed Environments, which are now publicly available, Power Platform enables IT to obtain visibility and control over applications at scale. A new technology called Managed Environments makes governance at scale more efficient and clear. With sharing limits, security and dependability checks, and the option to customize the maker onboarding process, it gives you better control.

Power Pages: low-code web development

Power Pages is already easily available. An enterprise-grade connection platform called Power Pages allows businesses to create and publish external self-service websites. With the help of the Power Pages platform, they can securely and at scale connect with their customers, partners, and communities to share business data, work together, and automate business processes.

Low code is an important tool for skilling today’s workforce

Millions of people have been given the tools they need by Power Platform to work more efficiently and create vital apps for their businesses. People without development experience can now change their jobs through a guided training program and community thanks to the new Power Up program. The Power Up upskilling program gives training, gives certification, and rewards excellence.

At Microsoft Ignite, guests will have the opportunity to explore a wealth of products and interesting skills. In the session entitled “Accelerate innovation with the world’s most complete cloud developer platform,” you can find out more about these announcements and how Microsoft is dedicated to providing the best development experience. Join us for breakout sessions, demos, chances to connect with leading companies, learning programs, and much more during the duration of the event.

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