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Oracle Autonomous Linux, Game is Changing - Davoud Teimouri - Virtualization and Data Center

The first and only autonomous operating environment is Autonomous Linux, which is based on Oracle Linux. It maintains the operating system patched automatically, reducing complexity and human error while also increasing security and availability. Oracle OS Management Service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure now manages Autonomous Linux instances by default (OCI). You may easily transition historical Autonomous Linux instances that were installed using the July 2021 or previous images to make use of the functionality provided by the OS Management Service integration.

Automatic discovery and OS management

Before creating an instance in OCI, you must first fulfill the conditions and set up the OCI policies to allow management. The Autonomous Linux image is accessible as an OS platform image in OCI and may be installed in a matter of seconds. OS Management Service automatically discovers and manages autonomous Linux instances deployed from current platform images in OCI. Through the Oracle Cloud Console, you can establish the daily auto-update schedule and monitor important system events and resources using the Autonomous Linux interface with OS Management Service. You may manage Autonomous Linux instances with Oracle Linux and Windows Server instances with OS Management Service using a single user interface. Customers of OCI can use the OS Management and Autonomous Linux services for free.

A screenshot of the Autonomous Linux dashboard in OS Management service.

Migrating legacy Autonomous Linux instances

By default, Oracle Autonomous Linux instances using the August 2021 Oracle-Autonomous-Linux-7.9-2021.08-0 platform image or later are connected to OS Management Service. The alx-migrate script may be used to migrate instances installed with an Oracle Autonomous Linux July 2021 Oracle-Autonomous-Linux-7.9-2021.07-0 image or earlier to interact with OS Management Service. When you use the alx-script to migrate Oracle Cloud Marketplace images, such as the legacy Autonomous Linux version of Oracle Linux KVM, you may make use of the newest capabilities in OS Management through the Console.

The alx-migrate tool cannot be used to upgrade autonomous Linux instances installed on Oracle Cloud Free Tier Compute resources to interface with the OS Management service. OS Management Service does not support instances placed on Free Tier computing.

The methods below demonstrate how to transition existing traditional Autonomous Linux instances to OCI using OS Management. The manual contains extensive instructions.

1. For Autonomous Linux, configure the needed OCI Identity and Access Management (IAM) rules. Create a dynamic group for the OS Management service that defines the group members, and add a rule for the dynamic group that defines the set of instances allowed in the policy. In either your tenancy or compartment, make sure you’ve specified the relevant Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies for Autonomous Linux.

2. On the instance, make sure the OS Management Service Agent and Oracle Autonomous Linux plugins are turned on. Enable these plugins if they are currently disabled.

3. Install alx-migrate:

$ sudo yum install alx-migrate

4. Run alx-migrate:

$ sudo alx-migrate

5. Accept the OS Management Service terms of service. Run the alx-migrate script with the —accept-terms or -a option to accept the terms automatically.

$ sudo alx-migrate --accept-terms

Check to see if the migration was successful. To assist you in resolving probable issues, the documentation includes a message table.

The alx-migrate program removes the al-config RPM RPM package after a successful migration because it is no longer required. Instead of using the al-config application, the Autonomous Linux service controls autonomous settings through the Console after migration. See Managing Autonomous Linux Settings for further details.


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