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Posted by Marbenz Antonio on July 21, 2023

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Today marks a groundbreaking moment for artificial intelligence (AI). After notable progress in the past decade, primarily driven by machine learning (ML) and deep learning techniques, AI has now taken a significant leap forward, fueled by generative AI. This technology has garnered attention, causing excitement and some concerns. Nonetheless, there is widespread agreement that the recent advancements are substantial and present a tremendous opportunity for businesses that act swiftly and strategically, including IBM Watson.

The key to this leap in AI lies in the use of foundation models. Unlike traditional ML, which requires building specific models for each new use case using labeled data, foundation models are trained on vast amounts of unlabeled data. These models can then be adapted and fine-tuned for new scenarios and business applications. The implementation of foundation models allows for substantial AI scalability, as the initial model-building efforts are amortized and reused across multiple instances. As a result, the return on investment (ROI) increases, and the time to bring AI products to the market significantly shortens. This newfound efficiency in model adaptation opens up promising opportunities for businesses to capitalize on the potential of generative AI.

IBM has been a pioneer in AI advancements for many years, starting with the world’s first checkers playing program and extending to the creation of a cloud-based AI supercomputer. Our dedication to innovation has resulted in a comprehensive range of enterprise AI solutions. The Watson suite, deployed to over 100 million users in 20 different industries, showcases the impact of our AI technologies. Additionally, our teams at IBM Watson Research are continuously pushing the boundaries of AI to unlock even greater potential.

AI is already making a significant impact on businesses, strengthening supply chains, safeguarding critical data from cyber threats, and enhancing customer experiences across various industries. However, the real game-changer lies in the foundation models that power generative AI. These models have the potential to take our achievements thus far and elevate them to a whole new level. Accessibility is key to harnessing the true potential of AI, and at IBM, we believe it’s time to democratize this technology. Our goal is to empower all types of “AI builders,” whether they are data scientists, developers, or even individuals with no coding experience, to leverage the power of AI for transformative outcomes.

IBM’s cutting-edge AI platform, Watsonx, is specifically designed to provide effortless access to reliable and high-quality data, empowering users to collaborate seamlessly on a unified platform. This platform allows them to create and refine both innovative generative AI foundation models and traditional machine learning systems. The initial applications of Watsonx encompass a diverse range of areas, such as digital labor, IT automation, application modernization, security, and sustainability.

Watsonx comprises three key components: watsonx.ai, watsonx.data, and watsonx.governance. These components offer advanced capabilities in machine learning, data management, and generative AI, facilitating the swift training, validation, tuning, and deployment of AI systems across the entire enterprise. This platform ensures speed, reliability, trusted data, and robust governance, covering the entire data and AI lifecycle—from data preparation to model development, deployment, and monitoring. IBM firmly believes that Watsonx possesses the potential to scale and accelerate the transformative impact of advanced AI technologies in every enterprise.

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Train, validate, tune, and deploy AI across the business with IBM Watson

Watsonx.ai represents an AI studio that caters to the needs of present and future businesses. It seamlessly integrates IBM Watson Studio, a platform empowering data scientists, developers, and analysts to construct, execute, and deploy AI solutions based on machine learning, with cutting-edge generative AI capabilities, harnessing the potential of foundation models.

Central to Watsonx is the principle of trust. As AI becomes more pervasive, businesses require assurance that their models maintain reliability and avoid generating inaccurate information or using inappropriate language during customer interactions. Our approach focuses on establishing the right levels of rigor, process, technology, and tools to adapt swiftly to a dynamic legal and regulatory landscape.

Watsonx.ai provides users with access to premium, pre-trained, and proprietary IBM foundation models tailored for enterprises. These models are domain-specific and undergo a rigorous process with a strong emphasis on data acquisition, provenance, and quality. Additionally, IBM Watson offers a diverse selection of open-source models through Watsonx.ai, broadening the range of options available to users.

Trust forms one facet of the equation, while accessibility constitutes the other essential aspect. To ensure that AI can genuinely revolutionize businesses, it should be made accessible to as many people as possible. With this goal in mind, we have carefully designed watsonx.ai to prioritize user-friendliness. This platform is not limited to data scientists and developers; it also extends its reach to business users through an intuitive interface that responds to natural language queries for various tasks.

Through the prompt lab, users can experiment with models by inputting prompts for a wide array of tasks, such as transcript summarization or sentiment analysis on a document. Depending on the task, watsonx.ai empowers users to select a foundation model from a convenient drop-down menu. Developers can seamlessly build workflows in our ModelOps environment, utilizing APIs, SDKs, and libraries, effectively managing machine learning models from development to deployment. For advanced users, our tuning studio enables model customization using labeled data, thus generating new trusted models from pre-trained ones.

At IBM, we believe that the potential of foundation models extends beyond language. We are actively working on models trained on diverse types of business data, including code, time-series data, tabular data, geospatial data, and IT events data. In beta, we will introduce initial foundation models covering language (also known as LLMs), geospatial data, molecules, and code, which will be made available to select clients.

Scale and manage AI with IBM Watson

To achieve truly impactful results across the business, AI must seamlessly integrate into existing workflows and systems, automating critical processes in areas like customer service, supply chain management, and cybersecurity. Enterprises require the ability to effortlessly and securely move AI workloads, which may span across various environments, including cloud, modern software, and legacy hardware systems.

Enter watsonx.data, designed to enable businesses to rapidly connect to their data, obtain reliable insights and lower data warehouse costs. This data store is built on an open lakehouse architecture, functioning both on-premises and across multi-cloud environments.

Tailored for all data, analytics, and AI workloads, watsonx.data combines the flexibility of a data lake with the high performance of a data warehouse, empowering businesses to scale data analytics and AI effortlessly, regardless of where their data resides. Through workload optimization, organizations can reduce data warehouse costs by up to 50% by integrating this solution.

Through a unified point of access, users can seamlessly reach data, benefiting from a shared metadata layer that spans various cloud and on-premises environments. Watsonx.data offers built-in governance, security, and automation features, providing data scientists and developers with the capability to leverage governed enterprise data for training and refining foundation models, all while ensuring compliance and security throughout the data ecosystem.

With watsonx.data, businesses gain the ability to construct reliable AI models and automate AI life cycles within multi-cloud architectures, fully leveraging interoperability with both IBM and third-party services. This empowers enterprises to harness the potential of their data while maintaining robust governance and security measures.

Build trust in your AI lifecycle

Trust plays a critical role in AI models, both during their development and tuning process, as well as when they become integrated into your products and workflows.

As AI becomes increasingly ingrained in day-to-day workflows, the need for proactive governance becomes paramount to ensure responsible and ethical decision-making throughout the entire organization.

Watsonx.governance serves as a valuable tool in establishing essential guardrails around AI tools and their applications. This automated data and model lifecycle solution enables the creation of policies, and the allocation of decision-making rights, and ensures organizational accountability for risk and investment decisions. It offers a robust framework to safeguard AI implementation while adhering to ethical principles and guiding responsible AI practices.

Watsonx.governance utilizes advanced software automation to enhance a client’s ability to manage risk, meet regulatory requirements, and address ethical concerns, all without the need for extensive data science platform switching, even when using models developed with third-party tools. This powerful solution empowers businesses to automate and consolidate multiple tools, applications, and platforms, while also ensuring comprehensive documentation of datasets, models, associated metadata, and pipelines.

With its ability to fortify customer privacy, proactively detect model bias and drift, and adhere to ethics standards, watsonx.governance plays a vital role in helping organizations manage risk and safeguard their reputation. By translating regulations into actionable policies and business processes, it ensures compliance and provides customizable reports and dashboards to maintain stakeholder visibility and encourage collaboration. The solution offers a holistic approach to secure AI implementation, addressing both ethical considerations and regulatory compliance while optimizing operational efficiency.

Put AI to work in your business with IBM Watson today

IBM Watson is integrating foundation models across all its major software solutions and services, incorporating them into core AI and automation products, as well as within their consulting practices. These encompass:

  • Watson Assistant and Watson Orchestrate: The NLP foundation model has been integrated into core digital labor products, resulting in boosted employee productivity and improved customer service experiences.
  • Watson Code AssistantLeveraging generative AI, developers can now generate code automatically with simple commands like “Deploy Web Application Stack” or “Install Node.js dependencies.”
  • IBM AIOps InsightsAI Operations (AIOps) capabilities are strengthened by integrating foundation models for code and language processing. This enhancement offers enhanced visibility into performance data and dependencies across IT environments, enabling IT operations (ITOps) managers and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) to resolve incidents more efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Environmental Intelligence SuiteIBM EIS Builder Edition, part of the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite (EIS) available this year, utilizes the geospatial foundation model. With this powerful tool, organizations can develop customized solutions to identify and manage environmental risks according to their specific objectives and requirements.

Place trust at the core of your AI strategy

As these new AI models have a significant impact on how people interact with technology, the possibilities that were once unimaginable are now becoming everyday realities. This transformation not only changes how businesses operate but also reshapes our entire approach to business.

To unlock the full potential of AI, trust, and transparency must be at its core, and accessibility should be widespread to benefit everyone. IBM identifies five key pillars of trustworthy AI: explainability, fairness, robustness, transparency, and privacy.

With watsonx, IBM has been mindful of these fundamental principles, ensuring trust while making it easily accessible. A future with trustworthy AI holds the promise of increased productivity and enhanced innovation. These times are full of excitement, and together, we can harness the power of AI to improve the world and work more effectively.

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