IBM Db2 for SAP: Five Ways to Lower Oracle Database Costs

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on September 12, 2022

Microsoft, Oracle, AWS are the top database leaders, according to Gartner | TechRepublic

Your total cost of ownership could be decreased by switching from Oracle to IBM Db2 for SAP applications.

The backbone of your data fabric strategy, your cloud-native apps, and your investments in AI are all supported by databases like IBM Db2, which are the real force behind greater business outcomes.

Built for the most mission-critical workloads in the world, IBM Db2 reduces time-to-value by managing transactional, operational, and analytical data from beginning to end across all clouds. Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Cloud Database Management Systems for 2022 is the result of decades of innovation and knowledge built into the IBM Db2 database. To support your most data-intensive SAP applications, IBM Db2 processes billions of transactions daily improves data security and compliance, and expands and adapts to changing workload demands.

Learn how switching from Oracle to IBM Db2 for SAP applications lowers your total cost of ownership by improving performance, charging less in licensing and fees, optimizing storage, supporting more platforms, and offering more flexibility in the cloud.

1. IBM Db2: Optimal price-performance for transactional and analytical workloads

Massively parallel processing (MPP) and a multi-dimensional architecture in IBM Db2 enable you to expand out and scale up data at petabyte sizes, providing great performance and cost predictability for your database as workload demand increases.

The following are the results of Finanz Informatik Technologie Service’s migration from Oracle to IBM Db2 for SAP applications:

  • Quicker system copying by 93%
  • Reduced storage expenses for SAP Bank Analyzer due to 50% fewer data quantities.
  • Annual cost savings of €350,00

2. IBM Db2: Flexible licensing and fees

In three different methods, IBM Db2 gives consumers breathing room and flexibility when it comes to licensing:

  • Db2 provides virtualized environments with sub-capacity licensing. For instance, if your server has 100 cores, but Db2 only utilizes one of them, you simply pay for one core and not the entire server. For every core in a server, Oracle allows for the possibility of a license fee.
  • Db2 can be deployed indefinitely for SAP applications.
  • There are features like enhanced compression, database in-memory, and partitioning. Furthermore, Oracle charges more from customers for these features.

In under six months, Owens-Illinois completed a database migration that included a multi-petabyte database supporting 64 SAP systems.

3. Storage optimization and compression

Deep compression technology is used by IBM Db2 to reduce storage requirements and boost database performance.

When Siteco GmbH switched from Oracle to IBM Db2 for SAP applications, the total cost of ownership was reduced by a seven-digit amount, thanks in part to the following:

  • Storage capacity increased by 54%, which decreased backup and storage costs.
  • Web services are 30% faster and SAP batch tasks are 27% faster.
  • Db2 compression assisted in reducing the size of the Oracle database, which was previously compressed.

4. Platform support and compatibility

Db2 includes built-in SQL and PL/SQL compatibility with Oracle databases and is 100% compatible with SAP applications. After switching from SAP applications running on Oracle to Db2, SAP provides a seamless migration tool that allows all business logic to remain in place. ​

The team at Lion Brewery (LBCL) used its IT roadblock as a chance to reevaluate its information technology strategy and position itself for success in expanding into new local markets. They were able to convert their systems in just under six months thanks to IBM Db2 and SAP’s interoperability. The migration also had the following effects:

  • cycle time from procurement to payment is cut by 20%.
  • Reduced order-to-cash processing time by 40%.
  • An increase in finished goods inventory accuracy of 96% to 99.9%

5. Cloud flexibility

Contrary to Oracle, SAP on Db2 solutions are cloud-portable and may be used with any cloud provider platform (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba, or IBM Cloud).

GEO Corp. no longer needs to rewrite SAP applications that were initially created for its old Oracle database thanks to IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud’s cloud flexibility and strong Oracle compatibility features. The migration had the following effects:

  • Weekly cost savings of USD 32,000 and a 75% decrease in the delivery of extra coupons
  • Through association analysis, nine million customers now receive customized recommendations.

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