How Will I Learn to Build Software?

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on March 14, 2023

10 Best Programming Languages to Learn Development Skills

Are you seeking a tech-focused role that offers plenty of chances to acquire new and valuable skills? If so, a career in Software Development might be just what you need to unlock a range of exciting, lucrative, and fulfilling job opportunities. As a Software Developer, you’ll be the driving force behind operating systems that power devices like laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles, using your creativity and intellect to make them function flawlessly.

Becoming a software developer offers a host of advantages, regardless of whether you have a computer science background, possess strong keyboard skills, or are seeking a new challenge. As a Software Developer, you’ll acquire a range of transferable digital skills, gain the flexibility to work remotely and gain exposure to a wide array of cutting-edge computing and technology concepts.

Learning Git and GitHub with software

Git is a system for version control that enables you to record and monitor modifications made to code. With Git, you can preview, inspect, and even revert to previous versions of code, which is a crucial feature for managing programming language and addressing any possible problems that may arise. Additionally, Git offers an efficient means for developers to share code among themselves.

GitHub is a cloud-based hosting service for Git repositories that offers a variety of additional features for collaboration. These features make it possible for multiple developers to work together on a project and include an array of project management and organizational tools.

Docker and Kubernetes (Containers) with software

A Container is a software component that combines code and its dependencies, enabling applications to run efficiently and quickly across different computing systems. Containers are incredibly useful for scaling an application and streamlining a process that was once challenging and time-consuming.

By using Kubernetes or Docker, it’s possible to adjust the scale of your website and handle surges in traffic effectively. While both options offer this capability, Kubernetes is considered more advanced due to its automation of the scaling process and its greater compatibility with Cloud-based systems.

Coding languages: Javascript and Python with software

For any aspiring developer, it’s essential to have knowledge of multiple programming languages. This is because there is no consensus on which language is the most effective, and it’s highly likely that you’ll encounter more than just one or two languages in your work.

JavaScript is a programming language that is focused on functions, interactive elements, and building and maintaining back-end infrastructure. It’s currently the most widely used language in the world. Other crucial server-side languages include Ruby, Python, and PHP. Python, in particular, is highly popular for machine learning, data mining, and scientific computing. Acquiring proficiency in these languages relevant to your development area will provide a strong foundation for starting your programming journey.

Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure, or GCP) 

Cloud computing has become incredibly popular worldwide, thanks to its many benefits. Cloud costs are generally lower than those of desktop software, and cloud services offer unlimited storage capacity and automated software integration, among other advantages.

Cloud platforms provide developers with hosted development kits, application management capabilities, and database tools. Developing on cloud platforms helps to maintain data integrity and allows for reliable data recovery.

The present-day Cloud Platforms encompass AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure, and the relatively new GCP (Google Cloud Platform). Azure stands out in several ways, as it offers excellent Linux compatibility and comes with built-in server applications that support a wide range of coding languages such as Java, PHP, and Python. It’s essential for new developers to study Cloud platforms as they play a significant role in modern-day computing.

Data Structure and Algorithms 

Developers who become proficient in data structures and algorithms, such as arrays, trees, and linked lists, gain the ability to organize and manage data effectively. Data structures and algorithms play a crucial role in software implementation, and a detailed analysis of a common problem using these tools can provide a variety of solutions.

Data structures are structural elements arranged digitally to store and manipulate computer data, while an algorithm is a sequence of steps, essentially a formula, that produces a particular digital outcome.

By understanding how both data structures and algorithms work, you can become a more effective developer with improved analysis skills and problem-solving abilities.

Linux Commands 

Using Linux can be very helpful when troubleshooting issues with your application running on the software. Linux has the ability to analyze a system’s hardware and resources, including CPU, storage, and memory. It is also well-known for its security, speed, power, and versatility.

Linux offers the additional benefit of being free to use and open-source. It includes several useful features such as strong Unix paths for files, a built-in package manager, and strict case sensitivity for directories and files.

Microsoft Excel and Word

Software Developers and Programmers can benefit greatly from Microsoft Excel as it is a versatile tool beyond just creating spreadsheets. It allows for progress tracking, data quality checking, and analysis. Additionally, Excel can be used as a project management system, helping with project scheduling, tracking, reviewing, timeline creation, and budget overview.

Microsoft Word can be a useful tool for developers as it offers a developer tool that allows for the creation of form fields, macros, and code that can be saved securely. It is also commonly used for inserting large amounts of data into different databases.

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