Guide for the 6th Edition Prince2 Foundation Exams Cert

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on January 30, 2023

  1. Guide to Prince2® Foundation 6th Edition Exams in 2021

PRINCE2 Cert has two levels: Foundation and Practitioner. You can earn the Foundation level certification by passing the Foundation exam, which has no required prerequisites.

To earn the Practitioner credential, the second level of PRINCE2 Cert, one must have the PRINCE2 Foundation or similar certification.

Axelos is the certifying organization for PRINCE2, with PeopleCert administering PRINCE2 exams on their behalf. Candidates can sign up for the exam through an ATO like KnowledgeHut, which is an Axelos Certified Partner.

To prepare, one can attend a course with an ATO or self-study, then schedule an online exam through either the ATO or PeopleCert.

The PRINCE2 project management framework is composed of four integrated elements namely: 

  • Principles form the foundation for the themes and processes.
  • Themes are the key areas or elements that must be continuously monitored throughout the project life cycle.
  • Processes specify who takes action and when.
  • Tailoring refers to customizing the project to fit the unique needs of the project environment.

The weightage given to them in the Foundation Exam is  

  • Principles-13% 
  • Themes-52% 
  • Processes-27%  
  • Projects & P2 8%.

To pass the Foundation exam, one must be proficient in the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 Manual (2017). The Foundation exam is a necessary step to earn the Practitioner credential, and the knowledge gained will also be relevant for the Practitioner exam.

Foundation Exam Pattern for PRINCE2 Cert

The Foundation exam has 60 multiple-choice questions and takes 1 hour to complete. The pass rate is 55%. It covers 5 questions on PRINCE2 concepts like project characteristics, performance aspects, integrated elements, benefits, and customer/supplier environment, around 8 questions on Principles, 3-5 questions on each theme, and 2-3 questions on Processes. Each question has four options, so read the question carefully before selecting an answer. There’s no penalty for wrong answers, so attempt all questions.

Eligibility for Foundation Examination Cert

There are no specific requirements to take the Foundation exam, but it’s recommended to have a basic understanding of project management principles or have completed a general management course, or be working in a support role in an organization.

Passing the Foundation Examination Cert

  • Study the PRINCE2 Manual thoroughly  
  • The Purpose of each theme or process should be clear and noted. 
  • Memorize key terms for each section. For example, “fit for purpose” refers to the Quality theme, while “Desirable, Viable, Achievable” relates to the Business Case theme.
  • Read Appendices A and C as many times as possible. 
  • Practice the Sample Papers of the P2 Foundation Exam of PeopleCert available online. 
  • Many other Sample papers are also available online.  
  • Here is how the Instructions on the Foundation Paper appear Instructions
    • You should attempt all 60 questions. Each question is worth one mark. 
    • There is only one correct answer per question.  
    • You need to answer 33 questions correctly to pass the exam.  
    • Mark your answers on the answer sheet provided. Use a pencil (NOT a pen).  
    • You have 1 hour to complete this exam.  
    • This is a ‘closed book’ exam. No material other than the exam paper is allowed. 

A sample of the questions is as below:

 What is the first step in the recommended risk management procedure? 

A. Assess  

B. Identify  

C. Implement  

D. Plan 

Circle the bubble fully on the answer sheet provided against the question number with a dark pencil.

Suggested Method of Attempting a QP for PRINCE2 Cert

  1. Start from Q1 and go up to 60. Answer as many as you know full well. 
  2.  On the second reading, attempt those that required you to think a little. 
  3. For questions you’re unsure of, you can make an educated guess. There’s a 25% chance of getting it right since there are only four options and one of them is correct. Remember, there’s no penalty for incorrect answers.

Benefits of Doing PRINCE2 Cert 

The PRINCE2 Foundation certification is globally recognized as the standard project management method for delivering successful projects. PRINCE2 equips you with the skills to plan, initiate, and control projects effectively. The course enhances your ability to communicate with stakeholders and team members. It teaches the application of 7 Principles, 7 Themes, and Processes in executing projects through stages, managing and controlling risks, issues, and resources.

By taking PRINCE2, you also gain the skill of defining the project’s objectives and scope. Clarity of objectives is a key factor in preventing project failure, while an ill-defined scope increases the risk of project failure.

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Look at the six main aspects or variables of a project which a Project Manager has to manage 

They are: 

  •  Cost 
  • Time 
  • Scope 
  • Quality 
  • Risks and  
  • Benefits.

The Business Case and defining the objectives and scope of the project are the top two priorities. The Business Case, created and strengthened in pre-project processes, outlines the cost and timeline, highlights benefits, and risks, and outlines the product’s quality requirements based on the customer’s expectations and acceptance criteria.

The Business Case and Scope are crucial to project success. The Business Case outlines the cost, timeline, benefits, risks, and quality requirements of the project product based on customer expectations and acceptance criteria. The scope defines the products and their requirements in the project. The Business Case answers “Why” the project is being done, while the scope specifies what the project delivers. As a Project Manager, it is essential to clearly define the project scope and avoid exceeding it to avoid project failure from added costs.

Cost of Foundation Examination Cert

In AustraliaAus. Dollar 700/=
IndiaRs 18000 to Rs25000/=
Europe£ 450.


Passing the PRINCE2 Foundation exam certifies you as a PRINCE2 Foundation professional, improving your career prospects and giving you the skills to manage projects in your organization. With this certification, you will be better at defining project objectives and scope, identifying project requirements and stakeholders, and breaking down the project into manageable components using the Product Breakdown Structure. Furthermore, you will be ready to take on the next level of PRINCE2 certification, the Practitioner Credential Exam.

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