Essential of Microsoft Certifications for IT Training Professionals

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on May 4, 2023

Microsoft Certification Training: Complete Guide 2022

Having a Microsoft Certification for IT Training Professionals can significantly increase your value and give you an advantage over those without such credentials. This article outlines various benefits of Microsoft certification, particularly from a career perspective. Additionally, preparing for Microsoft exams will also expand your knowledge base.

Microsoft Certification Benefits

What is Microsoft Certificate?

Microsoft provides training resources for a wide range of its software products. By successfully passing the exams offered by Microsoft Partner companies based on these materials, individuals can obtain Microsoft certificates for specific products or product groups. These certificates are awarded by Microsoft as proof of passing the relevant exam.

Microsoft offers separate exams for its individual software products, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as a combined exam for Microsoft Office, which includes these three programs and other Office products like Outlook and OneNote. In addition to these exams, there are also more significant courses like MCSE and MCSA that are highly valued by employers, as they indicate that the certificate holder is an expert in the relevant subject area.

Individuals can study for these exams by using Microsoft’s own tutorials and books, or by receiving training at a computer training institute. Those who become certified by Microsoft form a community of professionals that centers around Microsoft, providing opportunities for networking and professional growth. This aspect of certification has proven to be even more valuable than previously thought. Microsoft recognizes that this community is an essential way to connect with its customer base.

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Microsoft Certification Benefits for IT Training Professionals

Upon successfully passing their online exams, Microsoft provides individuals with certificates for specific software products or a group of related products, as previously explained. In some instances, Microsoft may even offer certificates for entire office processes, such as Office Automation, which covers a broad range of skills, including knowledge of the Windows Operating System, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and some understanding of Windows networking.

Obtaining a Microsoft certificate serves as evidence that you have acquired the skills associated with the certification, which can significantly increase your value when applying for jobs. Microsoft claims that having Office skills is five times more valuable than having experience with non-Microsoft equivalents.

Microsoft asserts that high-wage, high-growth industries of the future require expertise in Microsoft Office and that companies seek out the best candidates for these jobs. In fact, 86% of hiring managers surveyed by Microsoft indicate that they prefer job applicants to hold an IT certificate, with Microsoft certification being the preferred credential over certificates from lesser-known computer training institutes.

Furthermore, eight out of ten hiring managers wish to verify the certificates provided by job applicants, and it is relatively straightforward to authenticate Microsoft certificates, unlike those from unknown computer training institutions. As per Microsoft, 64% of IT managers prefer Microsoft certificates over other certificates.

When it comes to promotions and incentives, certification, training, and experience are the three essential areas that provide individuals with the most recognition.

Microsoft says:

“In high-growth industries, entry-level employees who hold a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification or Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification can earn up to $16,000 more, annually, than their peers.”

In both the short and long term, holding Microsoft certifications can provide individuals with a significant advantage over their peers, colleagues, and fellow students. Microsoft certificates are recognized worldwide and hold far more weight than credentials from lesser-known computer training institutes. For instance, while DOEACC is an Indian government body that issues certificates and diplomas in various subjects, it is unlikely that DOEACC certifications will be as widely recognized outside of India as Microsoft certificates are.

Microsoft Certification is a globally recognized industry standard. Those who have earned a Microsoft Certification are granted access to numerous benefits available on the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), or Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) member websites.

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Microsoft Certification Roadmap

Value of Microsoft Certifications for IT Training Professionals

In the past two decades, over four million professionals have obtained a Microsoft Certification. As a frontrunner in the certification industry, Microsoft provides insight into the value of certification, the appropriateness of its programs in meeting professionals’ needs, and the increasing demand for certification in the global market.

Microsoft Certification

Microsoft has made significant investments in certification and training because it recognizes, through both internal and external research, that the certification process enhances satisfaction, and enhancing customer satisfaction is a fundamental value for Microsoft. After a downturn, the rate of certification increased substantially. Over the last year, Microsoft alone has seen a 24% growth, indicating the increasing recognition and significance of certification in the learning process. Among IT professionals, Microsoft training and certification ranks second as a satisfaction driver, following eLearning.

Certification improves organizational performance

A research study conducted by IDC, which was sponsored by Microsoft, analyzed the performance of 1,200 IT teams and explored the correlation between team performance and the percentage of team members who were Microsoft certified in various technologies. The results showed that certification had a positive impact on organizational performance improvements. Certification had a measurable impact on general service excellence and specific task-level performance measures.

According to a survey conducted by IDC and sponsored by Microsoft, certification is viewed as important to team performance by 75% of managers. The same survey revealed that 66% of managers believe that certification helps improve the level of service and support provided to IT end users/customers. Additionally, team performance is seen to increase with every new member who becomes certified. Moreover, an increase in the number of Microsoft-certified members on a team is directly correlated with improved team performance. Finally, top-performing teams tend to have between 40 and 55% of members who are certified in relevant Microsoft technologies and processes.

  • 75% of managers consider certification important for team performance.
  • 66% of managers believe that certification improves the level of service and support provided to IT end users/customers.
  • Team performance improves every time a new team member gets certified.
  • Increasing the concentration of Microsoft-certified members on a team leads to a direct improvement in team performance.
  • Top-performing teams have an average of 40-55% Microsoft-certified members trained on relevant Microsoft technologies and processes.

According to the IDC study, the research shows that organizational performance improves with every increase in team skills. Additionally, the study concludes that team performance increases with each new team member who becomes certified.

Microsoft Certification for IT Training Professionals increases business by 80%

“Having certified individuals within the company awards the organization with hard evidence which serves to outshine competitors.”- Joy Rathnayake, Senior Software Engineer, IronOne Technologies, Sri Lanka.

IronOne Technologies, a company that provides outsourced IT services for software design and development, has reported an 80% increase in their business due to their certifications. With certified employees in various areas of expertise, IronOne Technologies has become a preferred partner for projects involving Microsoft Global Services and Asia Consulting Services. According to Rathnayake, the leader of IronOne’s .NET team, having certified staff provides the company with tangible proof of their skill sets, which has resulted in more project wins and increased business.

A Myth of Microsoft Certification for IT Training Professionals

Contrary to popular belief, earning a certification in IT does not necessarily lead to employees leaving the organization for better jobs. In fact, it has been found that certification can actually result in higher job satisfaction and better employee retention rates. A web-based survey conducted by IDC found that 43 percent of hiring managers believe that investing in employee development reduces turnover as employees tend to experience increased job satisfaction and engagement.

Additionally, a study conducted by MSEmploy analyzed the resumes of 15,526 IT professionals in France and Germany and discovered that individuals with one or more MCPs were 15 percent more stable in their jobs, while those with full certifications were 24 percent more stable in their jobs than their non-certified peers.

Community: Networking, Personal growth, Exclusive resources

Microsoft Certified Professionals are part of a community with Microsoft as its center, offering networking and professional growth opportunities that are more valuable than previously thought. Microsoft recognizes this community’s importance in engaging with its customers and driving deeper engagement for improved customer satisfaction. This community allows individuals to communicate issues and new ideas to Microsoft, work with others to improve certification, and drive the certification’s value among industry professionals. As part of its commitment to improving customer satisfaction, Microsoft Learning aims to train more people on its technologies to increase the number of certified professionals.

Certification training is useful throughout an individual’s career, not just in the lead-up to their first IT job. Microsoft certification is relevant across all stages of an individual’s career and helps people stay current. It also provides clarity to professionals in planning their future career goals, and being certified by Microsoft increases their credibility. Microsoft certification ensures that partners can stay current on all Microsoft technologies to better serve customers.

Overall, Microsoft Certification validates real-world IT skills, provides access to unique resources, and offers a lifelong career path of IT skills development.

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