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Posted by Marbenz Antonio on March 26, 2024

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Red Hat is one of the premiere in the realm of complex IT environments. The demand for automation is not a recent development. Many ecosystems already possess their own orchestrators, and numerous DevOps tools focus on coordinating tasks while implementing the “Infrastructure-as-Code” concept.

However, consider the likelihood of being able to confine your orchestration to a single environment. This is where the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform becomes indispensable. The platform’s extensive library of modules and user-friendly extensibility capabilities simplify the orchestration of various “conductors” in diverse environments, all within the framework of a unified syntax.

When deciding on the best approach for implementing new scripted functionality, the Ansible Automation Platform frequently serves as a highly effective alternative to traditional “bare” scripting. It functions as a versatile “glue” that seamlessly connects IT artifacts within organizations. This platform proves particularly valuable for tasks like infrastructure provisioning, deployment, testing, as well as automation in the context of Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift operations.

How Red Hat Automation Helps

Here are a few instances illustrating how automation can benefit your organization:

  • Reduce the occurrence of human errors and manual work by implementing automation for operational tasks.
  • Enhance your team’s efficiency and create room for tackling more advanced tasks by employing automation.
  • Lower the need for diverse skill sets across various domains while simultaneously improving task completion times through automation.
  • Mitigate drift and minimize system outages by ensuring greater consistency in task execution and by implementing more scalable processes through automation.
  • Set and uphold the desired system baselines to ensure compliance through automation.
  • Decrease the risk of security breaches and other security-related incidents by effectively managing patches through automation.

When discussing enterprise security, it’s important to recognize that it’s not a uniform entity. Typically, it comprises a diverse array of solutions from various vendors, managed by separate and often isolated teams. Given this complexity, automation is a valuable tool for security operations teams, as it facilitates the integration of these disparate components, promotes accountability sharing, and links together multiple security technologies in a seamless chain.

Plan Efficient Improvements with Red Hat Automation

Before diving into automation implementation, it’s prudent to take a moment to consider a few essential questions:

  • How complex is the use case?
  • Can I reduce human error?
  • Can I reduce the deployment time and speed up my tasks?
  • How frequently am I doing this task?
  • How much time can I save by automating this task?
  • What is the potential return on investment?
  • Can I save some money?

Deliver Automation Efficiently

The following are the crucial aspects of an engineering solution that require careful balancing:

  • Value of the solution to customers from business perspective
  • Health of the solution in production environment
  • Requirements for the solution
  • Design of the solution
  • Development and delivery of the solution
  • Automation level
  • Security and compliance
  • Cost of the solution

In situations where the original project plan may undergo sudden changes or when the environment is exceptionally innovative or dynamic, the risk of imbalancing the aforementioned aspects becomes significantly elevated. In such projects, it becomes prudent to adopt a more adaptable and agile approach to ensure timely, budget-compliant, and high-quality delivery. Based on our experience, approximately 80% of projects fall into this category.

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