Develop the skills to become a proficient Agile Business Analyst

Posted by CourseMonster on November 4, 2020


We are living in a constantly changing business environment, which is having a significant impact on how we’re delivering solutions. To be successful, organizations need to be agile and able to react quickly to an ever-evolving business landscape with fierce competition.

Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA) is a scalable methodology to quickly deliver modelling and requirements for small enhancements to existing solutions. This is done through full scale conceptualisation and analysis, along with complex business process solutions and products.

More and more organizations are embracing Agile frameworks and techniques as they adapt.

Attractive Benefits

There are many attractive benefits often attributed to AgileBA. These include the speed-to-market, its ability to adapt to the changing focus on working solutions, continuous and incremental delivery, and increased collaboration and customer satisfaction. These have driven many changes in how we have traditionally approached project planning, analysis, design, and development.

Helping Train Individuals and Organizations

AgileBA’s training will help individuals and organizations clarify the different ways of working during the phases of an Agile project. It lays the foundations for successful agile projects and provides a comprehensive set of techniques and practices for effective business analysis and collaborative agile working.

Become a proficient business analyst

The Business Analyst is a critical role within an agile project team and with more and more organizations adopting agile approaches, there is a need to ensure that those performing this crucial role have the necessary skills and expertise.
Being aware of the major AgileBA certifications is becoming increasing relevant to business analysts as they adapt and seek to improve their awareness on projects that involve the agile ways of working. This is a skill area that is increasing in demand and is definitely needed, should you be required to expand the types of projects that you work.

Who should get an AgileBA Certification?

AgileBA is designed to offer valuable direction for all business analysts involved in an Agile environment, including other Agile professionals who need business analysis skills. Developed in partnership with the Agile Business Consortium, AgileBA certification demonstrates that you have the skills and expertise needed to provide effective business analysis, while working in an agile project team and staying up-to-date on best practices and industry trends.

Reasons to get AgileBA Training and Certification

According to AgileBA’s training site, once you are trained and certified in AgileBA, you will be able to do the following:

  1. Apply the underpinning philosophy, principles and processes of AgileBA in a project situation
  2. Describe and apply the Agile approach to managing and prioritising requirements
  3. Produce and evaluate the content of BA-produced products during an Agile project
  4. Identify and apply popular Agile techniques in a project situation, including MoSCoW prioritisation, iterative development and timeboxing
  5. Understand the roles and responsibilities within an Agile project and the different levels of empowerment with respect to requirements and the business case
  6. Understand the mechanisms for facilitation and support within an Agile project
  7. Understand how to test, estimate and evaluate benefits delivery in an Agile project
  8. Describe and apply the Agile approach to managing requirements.

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