CRM’s Future: Creating Connected Sales Experiences for B2B

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on July 28, 2022

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As a result of the outbreak, there are increased demands all across the world. Additionally, there is no doubt that the exponential speed of technological innovation, including advancements in CRM, will continue, allowing for one of the most exciting times of positive change and advancement in history.

Many businesses will need to undergo systematic transformations, and executives have realized that speed and agility are required to outpace change and succeed.

Concerning B2B, we must recognize that the B2B sales landscape has fundamentally transformed. It’s no longer enough to get in front of a decision-maker and create a strong first impression; it’s about building a buying relationship based on openness and bi-directional value generation.

Control rebalancing between buyers and sellers with CRM

The B2B buyer has more control over the sales process than ever before. Buyers are also more selective about where they obtain information. What about the buyers? They’re well aware that they’ll need to throw out their playbooks and accept the new laws of selling through influence.

Industry boundaries are blurring with CRM

The market requires a highly interoperable environment in which numerous parties collaborate to create and consume interesting products and services. The problem is that most organizations’ systems were not built to provide sellers with useful insights from customer, enterprise, and ecosystem data.

This suggests they lack the necessary capabilities now. However, without them, businesses will surely suffer in sales effectiveness, growth, and personnel retention.

Here’s our secret recipe: meeting customers where they are, assisting them in accelerating the pace of their transformation, unlocking talent potential, and, most importantly, ensuring adaptability. Oracle has access to all values. This is the key to establishing a resilient organization that is prepared for the future.

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To comprehend the future of CRM, it is vital to understand that marketing and sales are only the edges of an end-to-end process that begins with establishing a marketing campaign and ends with closing the transaction.

IDEA stands for Intelligent, Data, Ecosystem, and Architecture, and it is my vision of the future of engineered selling:

  • Intelligence is about filtering the noise to boost salesperson productivity. This is the area of automation and artificial intelligence.
  • Data is about establishing and utilizing a contemporary data foundation. It necessitates the demolition of silos. This treasury has never been sufficiently monetized.
  • Ecosystem support. Interoperability with partners, customers, and capabilities such as partner experience, onboarding, and enablement is critical in the B2B sector.
  • Architecture. For the past 22 years, we have produced Technology Vision, a trends study. We proclaimed in 2013 that “Every business is a digital business,” then in 2014 that “Every business is a technology business,” and most recently that “Every business is a metaverse business.” Architecture is more important than ever in this environment.

Oracle Fusion Marketing and Sales’ sweet spot

Oracle Fusion helps bridge the gap, allowing marketers and sellers to focus on what they do best: establishing relationships and closing business. This can have a measurable impact on them, their businesses, and the market.

Sellers can obtain help in producing optimum quotas, managing territories, aligning sales pay, and creating sales plans by combining real-time customer intelligence with data from the ecosystem of third parties as well as ERP and HR systems. Here, innovation is natural and easy.

The future of marketing is a limitless, adaptive, and profoundly human architecture designed to exploit the power and elasticity of the cloud in conjunction with AI and machine learning.

Accenture and Oracle have been collaborating for over 30 years, bringing unrivaled creativity, industry, and technical expertise to our combined clients. We may work together to assist clients to get a competitive advantage by increasing sales, keeping customers, and expanding CRM.

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