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Posted by Marbenz Antonio on December 22, 2022

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Over the past year, Citrix has seen a trend of companies using mobile technology to empower their employees and improve the efficiency of their business operations. This shift has led to the development of more advanced enterprise applications for mobile and tablet devices. As the world of work continues to evolve and new mobile operating systems are released, it is important for organizations to stay up-to-date and take advantage of these new tools to enhance their operations and remain competitive.

Samsung has been at the forefront of the movement towards using mobile devices to create a “desktop-like” experience through its Samsung DeX technology. This allows users to connect their Galaxy tablets and smartphones to external monitors and access complex applications as if they were using a desktop computer. This capability has been widely praised by users who appreciate the flexibility and convenience of being able to perform intensive tasks on their mobile devices, regardless of their location.

Citrix has partnered with Samsung to offer a comprehensive digital workspace experience on the company’s flagship Galaxy devices, such as the Galaxy Tab S8 series and Galaxy Z Fold. This collaboration allows users to connect their Samsung devices to external monitors and access a Citrix virtual desktop environment, complete with mouse and keyboard compatibility. It also enables users to easily move content between the tablet screen and the external monitor.

Embracing Hybrid Work

As more companies shift to hybrid work models, they face several challenges, including how to optimize their physical workspace and maintain a cohesive corporate culture and high levels of productivity among a dispersed workforce. These challenges are particularly relevant for customer-facing roles, such as executives and salespeople, who need to stay competitive no matter whether they are meeting clients in person or virtually. Ensuring the security of company data is also a key concern, regardless of where employees are accessing it from.

To provide a secure and efficient desktop-like experience on mobile devices, Citrix and Samsung have enhanced their solution with the Citrix Workspace app for Android on Samsung DeX tablets to complete the performance and security features of a traditional desktop setup.

Seamless access to work on a Samsung DeX tablet with monitor, keyboard, and mouse support.

Delivering Secure Access

Citrix’s global app configuration service allows companies to apply and distribute organization-specific settings and authentication requirements to employees’ mobile devices and tablets, regardless of whether the devices are managed or unmanaged. These additional authentication measures can be triggered when employees access certain apps on their mobile devices.

Enhanced User Experience

Users who are working remotely, whether from home, a coffee shop or while traveling, often require a desktop-like experience that can support their need for deep, focused work that involves handling large amounts of data.

The joint solution offered by Citrix and Samsung includes several features that support the flexibility and efficiency of hybrid work environments, including:

  1. App Switcher: One of the features of the Citrix and Samsung solution is the ability to smoothly switch between different apps and efficiently navigate between open apps within the same session.
  2. Picture in Picture (PiP): Another feature of the Citrix and Samsung solution is the ability to move between native apps on the device and work-related apps within a virtual desktop environment (VDI).
  3. Multi-monitor Support: The Citrix and Samsung solution also includes the ability to multi-task between two screens, which can help users work more efficiently and productively.

Switch between applications easily with App Switcher.

Increased Productivity

The Citrix and Samsung solution includes the use of Citrix’s proprietary HDX technology and protocols, which are designed to provide a high-definition experience in a virtual desktop environment. This technology has been further enhanced with support for webcam redirection, allowing users to take video conferencing calls from within their virtual desktop sessions using their own webcams. This feature helps employees stay connected and productive in their daily work, even when they are not physically present in the office.

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Through their collaboration, Samsung and Citrix have enhanced the capabilities of DeX to provide users with a seamless and powerful experience. With the ability to extend Citrix HDX sessions from a Galaxy device’s screen to a desktop monitor, users can easily access Citrix-published apps and desktops and enjoy a unified, reliable, and high-performance user experience.

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