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Posted by Marbenz Antonio on July 8, 2022

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Get ready to be a Six Sigma Black Belt if you aren’t already! You may become a Six Sigma Black Belt in the time it takes for this pandemic to be ended. The most common reason for not taking a class or certification course is a lack of time. Because you have the time, now is the time.

As a Six Sigma Black Belt, you will be the project manager in charge of implementing process improvement projects. It is very valuable because you know everything about the business, the industry, and Six Sigma. As a Black Belt, you can answer all inquiries in any situation from any angle.

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Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification Webinar

Live Instructor-Led Training in Six Sigma Black Belt

  • Enrollment in the Green Belt Training and Certification Webinar or a recognized Green Belt certification is required for this Webinar.
  • Webinar, Training and Certification:
  • Master Black Belt instructors with real-world experience and significant project expertise will lead the class.
  • During the class, Minitab software (the global software standard for Six Sigma analysis) is taught, providing a practical way to apply statistical analysis in real-world settings.
  • Each week of class, Master Black Belt provides assistance and project consultation.

Six Sigma Black Belt Webinar Training Topics

Week 1

Week 1 & 2 Review Project

Multiple Regression

Advanced Multi-Vari

Attribute Measurements

Attribute Measurement Systems

Sample Size Calculations

Six Sigma for Service

Managing Change

Introduction to DOE

Full Factorial Experiments

Full Factorial Simulations

Fractional Factorials Designs

DOE Sample Size Selection

In class DOE Project

Project Planning & Deliverables

Project Reviews Measurement

Week 2

Design of Experiments Review

Blocking in Experiments

General Factorial Experiments

Residual Analysis

Non-Normal Data – Transformations

Sequential Experimentation

Response Optimization Designs

Multiple Response Optimization

Transactional Improvements

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