A Comprehensive Guide to the TOGAF 9 Certification Exam

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on May 15, 2023

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The abbreviation TOGAF represents The Open Group Architecture Framework, which is a comprehensive framework for designing, planning, implementing, certification, and managing an enterprise’s information technology architecture at the enterprise level.

Who gives the TOGAF Certification?

Developed by The Open Group, TOGAF draws its foundations from the Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management (TAFIM) of the United States Department of Defense. The Open Group, an industry consortium comprising over five hundred member organizations, is responsible for creating and maintaining TOGAF. Being vendor and technology neutral, The Open Group is the primary authority for conducting the TOGAF examination.

What is the Aim of TOGAF?

The primary objective of individuals certified in TOGAF is to improve business efficiency by implementing a top-level design approach. This course is intended for individuals aspiring to become professional Enterprise Architects.

A TOGAF certification serves as a tangible seal of trust, assuring colleagues that the certified individual possesses a solid understanding of fundamental architectural principles, has honed analytical skills, and can effectively apply them to an enterprise’s architectural framework.

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Where in an Organization Can TOGAF Be Implemented?

TOGAF, known for its high-level design approach, is typically structured into four levels representing different domains of an enterprise’s architecture: Business, Application, Data, and Technology.

Business Architecture – These elements encompass the business strategy, governance, organization, and essential business processes that define the organization.

Application Architecture – It serves as the blueprint for deploying individual systems, outlining the interactions between application systems and their connections to the core business processes.

Data Architecture – It entails the description of an organization’s logical and physical data assets, as well as the management resources associated with them.

Who is Eligible to Appear for the TOGAF Certification

TOGAF 9.1 certification does not have specific eligibility criteria. However, candidates must successfully pass the exams conducted by accredited organizations to become certified as Enterprise Architects.

How Many Levels of Examinations Are to be Cleared?

Candidates aiming for TOGAF 9.1 certification must pass two examinations: Level 1 for the TOGAF Foundation course and Level 2 for TOGAF 9.1 certification. It is recommended that candidates focus on clearing one level at a time. However, training institutes have structured their courses to allow candidates to study for and pass both levels simultaneously. The typical training period with an institute is four days, while self-study usually takes around two weeks.

What are the Marks Required for Clearing the TOGAF Examination?

The exact break-up of marks is –

  1. Level one or Foundation Level – To successfully pass the TOGAF examination, a minimum score of 55% is required, which corresponds to 22 points out of a maximum of 40. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions, with each question carrying a single mark.
  2. Level two or Certified Level – To pass the TOGAF examination, a minimum score of 60% is required, equivalent to 24 points out of a maximum of 40. The exam consists entirely of multiple-choice questions, with each question carrying a single mark.
  3. Level One and Level Two Combined TOGAF 9.1 – The examination comprises two parts. The first part is identical to the Level One paper mentioned earlier, and the second part is the same as the Level Two paper mentioned earlier. If an examinee fails either section, they are required to retake only that specific section of the exam. It is important to note that only an Accredited Training Course provider can assist candidates in successfully completing both levels in a single attempt.

Where do the TOGAF Examinations take Place?

The TOGAF examinations are conducted either at Pearson VUE centers within the country, and it is an open book examination. This means that examinees are allowed to access the “reference” tab on the computer screen during the exam, allowing them to browse through the book and refer to the material as needed. Alternatively, there is an option to take the examination online. Many training centers provide the necessary facilities for online exams and even include a mock-up version of the final exam as part of their course structure to prepare candidates for the actual examination.

What are the Major Touch Points of a TOGAF Certification Course

Given that the TOGAF Certification Course aims to enhance the skill sets of enterprise architects, the course structure comprehensively encompasses the following areas:

  • Architecture Development Method in various phases
  • Architecture Content Framework
  • Enterprise Continuum and Tools
  • Architecture Partitioning, Governance, Principles, etc.

During the course, a candidate will:

  • Get familiar with the Preliminary Phase as well as Migration Planning Techniques
  • Understand Architecture Content Framework, Metamodel along with Governance.
  • Implementation of Architectural support techniques and understanding of business scenarios,
  • Understand ADM, its requirement management, and the various adaptations of ADM
  • Comprehend the Maturity Models and Skills Framework for Business Architecture

What is the Current Cost of Training for a TOGAF 9.1 Certification?

The combined cost for in-class study of both the Foundation and Certified courses is approximately INR 75,000. In addition to considering the cost, it is crucial to thoroughly verify the training institute and assess its infrastructure before making a final decision.

What are the Future Prospects after the Completion of the TOGAF 9.1 Certification Course

As the candidate develops a profound understanding of enterprise-level architecture, they can expect promising future prospects that encompass the following opportunities:

  • Hired as a business architect for MNCs, and brands across the world. Today, no company, public or private can function without a robust business architecture in place
  • Work as a consultant drawing considerable remuneration for helping identify, plan, and implement architectural frameworks within an enterprise

The TOGAF 9.1 certification serves as a worldwide standard for demonstrating the capability to effectively fulfill roles and responsibilities related to identifying, evaluating, and implementing appropriate frameworks for an enterprise. In today’s business landscape, every organization striving for growth and optimization requires business architects who possess the skills to comprehend, analyze, and develop the right solutions for project success.

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