5 Reasons to Become LPI Certified

Posted by Marbenz Antonio on January 14, 2022

It’s more important than ever to become Certified as the Free Software job market continues to call for competent individuals and the technology sector suffers from a digital skills crisis. There are several reasons to become certified; however, we’ve compiled a list of five key reasons why LPI certification is critical for IT workers.

Fill the niche in the digital skills market.

The computer and technology business is expanding even more now, yet competent people are in short supply. Digital skill shortages are delaying our technological progress, while demand for these abilities is at an all-time high. Companies are now in a situation where they must guarantee that their employees have the digital skills required to keep up with technological advancements. Even the International Space Station has moved to Linux, so now is the time to develop the skills that will allow us to travel into space.

Good qualifications = good salary.

There’s no doubt that a good salary makes a job more appealing, and we’re frequently asked about typical LPI certified employee compensation. Employers are competing for the top Certifications with attractive wages and possibilities as the Open Source employment market continues to rise.

Employers are seeking people like you.

According to dice.com and The Linux Foundation’s 2016 Open Source Jobs Report, 65 percent of hiring managers expect Open Source hiring to boost more than any other part of their business in the next six months, and 79 percent of hiring managers have increased incentives to retain their current, qualified Open Source professionals. In conclusion, organizations demand Certified Linux specialists and are actively recruiting them.

Every day, you can learn something new.

The world of Open Source and Linux is always evolving, and for many IT workers, work is as much about learning and developing as it is about working. Certification with the LPI allows those new and experienced in the IT industry to keep up with the latest trends and technologies while also proving their ability to handle them.

Become a member of a community group.

The nicest part of working for Future Cert and LPI is that you become a member of the LPI community worldwide. Linux and IT professionals are urged to share, network, and engage as members of this community to inspire others. This community helps us guarantee that our Certification meets the needs of businesses and professionals.


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