4 Most Valuable Cloud Certifications To Achieve In 2021

Posted by CourseMonster on June 29, 2020

Recent years have witnessed the enormous growth of cloud computing – and there’s no sign that this exponential growth is slowing down. According to US communications giant CenturyLink, the global cloud computing market is likely to be worth an incredible $411bn by the end of 2020. Cloud computing is here to stay for service providers and end users alike, so there’s strong competition from certification providers to equip IT professionals with the skills to earn a profitable living as cloud administrators, developers or architects.

IT cloud certifications offer several benefits for anyone looking to carve a lucrative and successful career in cloud computing, including higher earning potential, increased job opportunities, and faster skills progression. Understanding which cloud computing certification is best for you is important, so consider the following cloud courses that we offer at CourseMonster.

1. Google Cloud Essentials

Suitable for people who are new to cloud computing, Google Cloud Essentials (GCE) provides invaluable hands-on practice of Google Cloud’s services and tools. Even if you have little prior cloud knowledge, GCE can provide you with useful, practical experience that you can transfer to your first basic projects.

Short videos provide users with a guide to essential concepts in a series of ‘labs,’ covering skills such as writing cloud shell commands, load balancing, and running applications on Kubernetes Engine. Previous experience with command-line interfaces or shell environments is recommended, in addition to system administration.

2. AWS Professional Systems Operations (Professional)

Amazon Web Services certification programme is offered at three levels – foundation, associate, and professional. AWS certifications prepare IT professionals for career progression to developer, operations, and architect roles.

AWS Professional Systems Operations (Professional) is for professionals who have at least two years’ experience designing and launching cloud environments on Amazon Web Services. Requisite knowledge for this certification includes costing, network design, data storage and security, cloud migration, hybrid architecture, and scalability.

3. Cisco CCNA Cloud

Cisco is renowned for its robust training and certification programme, which is targeted at several levels of expertise. CCNA Cloud is an entry-level credential for IT professionals working in cloud administration or engineering. It provides the training to progress to higher roles, supporting their company as it evolves with the changing face of business technology.

Applicants should have a sound understanding of cloud infrastructure, cloud networking, storage solutions, reporting, and monitoring. Assessment is by two examinations, leading to a three-year CCNA Cloud award.

4. IBM Cloud Training

At CourseMonster, we’re the only accredited delivery partner to provide IBM training in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Africa and the Middle East. IBM credentials are essential for IT professionals seeking to progress rapidly in their careers and support their businesses in their expansion. Extensive course materials, featuring exercises and demonstrations, are built around the needs of the trainee to provide a flexible and credible approach to cloud certification.

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